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Our quest to free all students from the nightmare of rushing to prepare for the new fall semester continues. Welcome to part 3 of our 2011 Tablet PC Back to School Guide. Today the topic of discussion is none other than those handy touch screen tablet accessories we refer to as stylus pens.

Some of you might ask “who needs a stylus pen when I can swipe with my finger?“, touche my friends, but will your finger smudge pass for a clear signature or be thin enough to take lengthy notes? I didn’t think so, thus the reason I present a few suggestions for some of the best stylus pens available for your tablet.

Stylus Pens For Back 2 School

Proporta Quillit 3 in 1 Stylus Pen
Key Features
The Proporta Quillit stylus pen is one of the fancier ones but one we certainly recommend. It’s a 3 in 1 accessory which works on both capacitive touch screens as well as resistive screens and also functions as a regular pen.
Price: $33.95 on Amazon

Acase Capacitive Stylus
A durable stylus pen that works well on all capacitive touch screens.
$9.79 on Amazon

AYL Engraved Stylus
A stylish top brand writing instrument for your touch screen tablet.
$17.99 on Amazon

Griffin Stylus
High-sensitivity and omni-directional point for great comfort and control.
$11.99 on Amazon

Kensington Virtuoso
Get a grip, a firm familiar grip that is with the Kensington Virtuoso stylus pen.
$9.99 on Amazon

BoxWave Red Stylus
Durable and convenient style & design, also available in multiple other colors.
$15.00 on Amazon

Just Mobile AluPen
Beefier in appearance but ultra soft tip and made from high-quality aluminum.
$18.25 on Amazon

Of course there’ no shortage of variety when it comes to stylus pens, and we only mentioned a select few above, but we’re hoping this will help narrow down your search even if just a little. Stay tuned for more of our back to school guide coming soon!

If you have any other stylus pens you feel should be on this list please share your suggestions below, we’d love to hear them. Your turn, go!

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