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If you enjoy comedy, magic tricks and you’re excited about the soon to be launched iPad 3 then Simon Pierro has just the treat for you!

Not in a trick or treat sort of way like in his previous iPad horror video but a fun treat nonetheless! His newly released video is nothing short of humorous and entertaining, but then again we wouldn’t expect any less!

Although the Apple iPad 3 won’t be available for purchase until March 16, 2012, Simon Pierro manages to provide us with an exclusive sneak peak of some of the magical new features we can expect to see from the new device. From real life gorillas, gravity defying tablets to gorilla glass screens that can pour you a glass of beer (Irish fans unite!!), this video is full of fun surprises. Sorry to ruin the best surprise of all but Simon also introduces us to the real life Siri! That’s right folks, as it turns out Siri is more than just some female robot sounding app, who would have thought?

When Siri makes her first ever appearance Simon instantly falls in love and you can feel the romantic vibes resonate through your screen! “Simon and Siri”, hey that does have a nice ring to it, do you think they’ll tie the knot? I wonder when we can expect to see the new “Simon” app? Of course converting to half man and half machine on the first date (or acquaintance) does seem like they are rushing things a wee bit, but hey relationships are all about adapting & making compromises, right?

Magical New Features of iPad 3 Exclusive Preview Video

Not that it comes as any surprise but in only a few short days this YouTube video has already reached nearly 1 million views, quite impressive! Enjoy!

Thanks again for the fun laughs Simon and keep those videos coming, you know we all love them! For those of you who haven’t done so yet be sure to follow Simon on both Twitter and Facebook and of course subscribe to his YouTube Page!

Special Bonus! Below are two more recent videos showing how random people on the street react to the new iPad 3 features!

iPad 3 Helium App

iPad 3 Free Beer

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