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For anyone who missed it, check out this recap of our favorite top featured iOS apps and games for the month of July 2017. There’s a lot of really great stuff here. Also, don’t forget to check in weekly and follow our iOS App of the Week showcase!

Best iOS Apps for July 2017

Best iOS Productivity Apps for Back to School 2017

iStudiez Pro Homework, Schedule, and Grades iOS app

The right iOS apps can be great tools for education and productivity. The challenge can be sifting through millions of apps to find the best once. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of some of the best iOS productivity apps for your iPhone and/or iPad to help you get through the upcoming 2017/2018 school year.

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Time Crash Newly Released Parkour Game

Time Crash is a newly released 3D first person parkour runner with stunning graphics.

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Momseze iOS app screenshots

A new mobile app called Momseze has launched to help moms with newborns easily connect with certified consultants to help get the support and answers they need.

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Health Mate

Nokia Steel smartwatch collection

Nokia has made leaps and bounds in the smart fitness market since acquiring Withings back in May 2016. The Nokia Steel activity and sleep watch paired with Nokia’s total health tracking mobile app is like having your own digital personal fitness trainer.

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Never fret again if you’ve lost your wallet or had it stolen thanks to the innovative Volterman smart wallet. Now you can have peace of mind by easily tracking the location of your lost or stolen Volterman anti-thief smart wallet right from your iOS device.

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Hidrate Spark

Hidrate Spark water bottle and mobile app

Typically we like to feature newly released apps in our weekly showcase, but although Hidrate Spark has been available for a while, and especially being that it’s summertime, we felt it was an iOS app and topic worth covering.

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Scary Stories – Trending Chat Stories & Texts Book

Prepare to be freaked out of your freaking mind! If you enjoy horror stories then you’ll love this Scary Stories app. All stories are told in chat style and there’s a variety of different short chat or long scary stories. Scary chat stories and episodes are updated daily!

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