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You asked for it and you got it, the Pizza Hut v2.0 app is here and now compatible with the iPad. This is what I call thinking outside the pizza box! Back in 2009 the Pizza Hut app became a huge hit with iPhone users. As it turns out the giant restaurant chain earned more than $1 million in revenue during the first 3 months alone once people began placing orders from the app. Now with so many people owning an iPad they are hoping to duplicate and expand on that success.

You have to admit it’s really quite brilliant for a popular restaurant to have such an app developed. It’s a bit surprising more restaurant chains aren’t following suit, there’s a few of course such as Papa John’s and Domino’s for example but not as many as you’d expect.

These days if you want to survive and stand out above the competition you have to get creative and Pizza Hut has done just that. They saw an opportunity and capitalized on it, so kudos to them! Then of course the iPad arrived and their marketing staff saw yet another opportunity.

Just think how many people would sooner order from their iPad instead of firing up their Mac’s or PC’s to order online. You might debate that it’s still not as convenient as picking up the phone to order but believe it or not ordering from your iPad has it’s advantages over that too. First of all it’s much quicker to order using an iPad app than it is to call, not only that but there’s less room for error as well. How many times have you called some restaurant to order food for pick-up or delivery and the background noise is so loud that you can’t make out what the employee is saying? There’s always cases of being misunderstood when placing orders as well and you end up getting pineapple or something instead of olives. It could be background noise, a language barrier or whatever, either way it’s never fun when you don’t get exactly what you ordered. When you order from the Pizza Hut app there’s a digital copy of your order and the chances of getting exactly what you want are much better.

New Features For Pizza Hut v2.0 iPad App

  • Expanded menu
  • Guest Checkout allows you to order without signing in
  • Orders are automatically saved to your account
  • New Most Popular items section
  • New Specials section
  • Add credit card options without creating an account
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