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The ASUS Lyra is a home Wi-Fi network that is designed to get rid of dead zones in your home. The ASUS Lyra comes with 3 hubs to allow you to get corner to corner Wi-Fi coverage. The connection is strong with data speeds up to 2134 Mbps and always keeps you connected.

ASUS Lyra works on all devices so no matter what you are using you’ll always have great Wi-Fi everywhere throughout your entire home. You don’t have to worry about wandering around your home and losing connection. You could even be outside in the garden and ASUS Lyra will connect you to the strongest secured network.

There is no lag when you move from hub to hub in your home, the connection is always smooth. Lyra has 3 frequency bands, 1 band is used to communicate with each other and the other 2 are for smooth connection to your devices. Each hub has 4 integrated antennas. Lyra can check each antenna to make sure you are connected to the hub with the strongest signal.

No matter how your house is built Lyra is designed to make your home dead zone free. Lyra can easily have more hubs added to your home and will do the heavy lifting for the connection with it’s MU-MIMO smart home technology. Security with AiProtection is built into Lyra to make sure all of your smart home technology is protected from your personal data being compromised. Lyra is also capable of pausing the use of the internet so you can spend quality time with your family. You can monitor and control how much time a family member can spend on the internet. With parental controls that block websites and mobile apps to keep family members safe while also still having free access to the internet.

With the Lyra app you can manage and diagnose your network without needing access to a PC. Just turn on your hub and use your app to connect. Follow the easy instructions on the app to get started. The Lyra app also give you updates and alerts when a new device has connected to your system as well as notifications whenever there is unusual login activity. Lyra protects your network from threats by instantly informing you about them and also lets you know when updates have been made to your security software.

This system is available for just $399.99 and comes bundled with 3 hubs, but as we mentioned above you can add as many hubs to the network as you’d like or need.

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