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An official new Apple Support YouTube channel launched yesterday with 10 helpful how-to tutorial videos covering various different iOS, iPad and iPhone related tips and tricks.

Each iPad and/or iPhone tutorial video is roughly 1 to 2 minutes in length and is created in a way that makes learning various tricks quick and easy by getting right to the point. The videos cover a wide range of different support topics such as how to print from your iPad, how to take a screenshot on your iPad and how to change the wallpaper on your iPad for example.

The iPad and iPhone how-to tutorial videos are narrated very well and contain helpful step by step instructions with full English captions for wider accessibility.

We can’t say exactly how often Apple will publish new iPad and iPhone tutorial videos on their new dedicated Apple Support YouTube channel. However, if the company’s Apple Support Twitter account, which launched last year, is any testament then chances are we can likely expect new support videos added quite frequently. Our guess is that these first 10 support videos are just the first of many more to come. So be sure to subscribe to the new channel to get notifications when a new video gets added.

Below are a few examples from the first batch of support videos.

How to print with AirPrint from your iPhone or iPad

How to take a screenshot on your iPhone or iPad

How to delete photos on your iPhone or iPad

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