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Beneath the Basement was recently released for iOS. It’s a game that I have personally been following for a while now and anticipating when I’d be able to play it. Well this game does not disappoint, yes my excitement for these types of games can be a bit overwhelming at times.

It’s labelled as an adventure / arcade game and is 211 MB in size. Being that the game is so new there are no ratings yet in the App Store but I give it two thumbs up and say it was worth the wait! It is a paid game but only costs $1.39. It’s more than worth it!

You must explore and fight your way through a mysterious 2D shadowy greyscale world. You’ll need to avoid traps and collect as many lives as possible along the way. There are 20 levels in total, each with demon like creatures lurking in the shadows. The entire game takes place in the basement, hence the name of the game.

The joystick like controls of the game remind me of an old Gameboy or earlier portable gaming device. You have only A and B buttons to move your character through the basement. The A button lets you throw things and the B button makes you jump. You can also double tap the screen to jump.

The creator of the game, Mitch Perry, worked very hard to release Beneath the Basement in 2017. He first premiered a screenshot of the game on the Platformer Pro forum back in May. Mitch has been very active on both his personal (@mitchperry77) and official game’s (@btbasement) Twitter accounts by promoting the game with countdowns and still image teasers. Well hooray everybody because it is finally here!

You can also follow Beneath the Basement on Facebook where you can contact Mitch with any questions or comments you may have about the game. Personally I’d suggest following these social media accounts to stay in the loop about updates, new levels he may add, or any other new apps he may be working on for that matter. If you ask my opinion this is a game worth checking out and giving a try, I love it.

Beneath the Basement is also available on Google Play.

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