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This week for our iOS app of the week I’m switching it up. Instead of talking about games for an older demographic I’ve decided to write about an app meant for children. The game is called Leo’s Journey in Africa which is an adventure game that has more than 30 actions, puzzles and quiz mini-games for your child to enjoy.

This game is not only meant for your child to have fun but also to help raise awareness about biodiversity and environmental conservation. Using an avatar that your child creates and names they can have a unique experience all of their own. Your child must use their avatar to journey through the beautiful African landscapes and amazing scenery to advance in the game.

Leo's Journey in Africa iOS game screenshot

Your child must use the power they have to talk to animals and play the mini-games the animals give them. The animals give your child these challenges not only to save said animal but to also help your child to progress in the game. Every level of the game has hidden objects for your child to find. Each environment has objects hidden within it that have to do with that particular region. When all of the objects are found then your child will unlock neat accessories for their avatar.

This mobile app was created to be part of an educonservation project. The educonservation project was started in order to help sensitize the younger generation to learn more about the conservation issues in Africa. Hopefully this will help more children be more inclined to support nature conservation.

The educonservation project was created by the SPAC also known as Sabine Platter African Charities. The leadership of conservation in Africa is a supporter of the game. The educonservation project has more then this app under its belt, it also has coloring/activity booklets focused on nature conservation issues.

Leo’s Journey in Africa is the perfect game for not only entertaining your child but also for raising their awareness in the nature environment and conservation efforts. Let them learn all they can about new animals. This newly released iOS game is a must have for any child who is in love with nature and all its beauty.

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