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Today we showcase our iOS App of the Week which is a fun adventure game with a cute twist called The Lost Fluffy Creature. Developed by Twilight E Studio, this newly released game is made up of elements that help it feel different from others in its category. You will have to use focus and strategy in order to proceed with any level of the game.

The creature in this story is depressed from isolation and your mission is to help make the fluffy creature happy. You must do so by bringing it to its lost family, the creature is known as a squishy.

This iOS mobile game may seem easy but there are challenges. The fluffy creature gets happy every time you complete a level but lose a level and the fluffy creature gets sad again. Make sure you stay focused and have a good strategy in order to make it through the game with a happy little fluffy. When the fluffy creature isn’t happy it tends to find itself in trouble.

The developer of the game made sure that all the important elements were included. With those features plus more The Lost Fluffy Creature is fun and you’ll continue wanting to play more. Cute addictive game play is what the creator has in store for you with this one.

As you play through the game every level gets more difficult with different hurdles for you to overcome. The main objective with every level is to finish it in one go. Each level places you into different worlds and keeps you on your toes. Be sure to collect all the gems you can find in order to help you unlock more levels.

One unique feature of The Lost Fluffy Creature game is that squishy, the fluffy creature, changes colors with the level of happiness it achieves. Each color improves different aspects of the fluffy creature. Some colors help you to move faster while others make you better at jumping. Increasing the happiness levels and obtaining gems not only help you to save your current level and move on but it also helps with the fluffy’s abilities.

Just click the button below to go to the App Store and download this iOS game absolutely free on your iPad or iPhone. Enjoy!

Download The Lost Fluffy Creature On the App Store

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