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S4GE is a newly launched mobile game for iOS by the developers at Playtra Games. It is filled with plenty of fun action and adventure. S4GE is also our first iOS App of the Week for 2019.

This exciting new game is inspired by classic tactical role-playing console games. It’s a turn-based role playing game that hopes to evoke nostalgia in older players and provide a fun and addictive playing experience for the newer generation.

In this iOS mobile game you get to control 4 different archetypes, explore endless strategies, fight cunning enemies, master ancient forces, control space and time and discover an incredible story line. The elements in this game are quite intriguing.

The 4 unique archetypes available in S4GE are Mystic, Soldier, Healer and Trickster. Each of these various archetypes have great attributes to them. You will not be disappointed with the archetypes you are provided with. When the developers mention the endless strategies they are talking about 3 different but endless scenarios. You can explore a chess like setting, fight in an arena style where you can showcase your skills or play in a fantasy type land with lots of magic and fantastic creatures.

When fighting your enemies be sure to plan out your every move very carefully. You’ll quickly find that your AI enemy will give you a great challenge. Fear not though as there are shards throughout this game which are ancient relics scattered around the battlefield that can be used to give you a boost against your enemy.

The developers at Playtra Games worked hard to create an exciting story line. The characters within the game vanish along with the world around them. You must find the Sage’s in order to revive the world around you. Each character you play slowly forgets who they are or what they are. With a story line like this where you must save yourself and the world from oblivion sounds pretty awesome to me.

As always we encourage you to share feedback with the developers to let them know what you love about the game and/or where it could be improved. The only way a mobile game gets better is with the help from players like you. In my opinion this app has what it takes to become a trending and popular game. So jump on the chance to say you where one of the first players to explore the fun filled world of S4GE.

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