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This week we have a fun iOS game for you to play called Ghouls ‘n Ghouls by creator Hector Lopez! It’s rated 9+ due to infrequent/mild or fantasy violence. The price for this fun little gaming adventure is 100% free and there are no in-app purchases to be made. Brought to you by the same creator as other popular apps like Move or Die, Tiny Cowpoke and Monster Jam. So if you’ve enjoyed any of those games you are sure to love this one.

Ghouls n’ Ghouls is a top down fast action shooter game for iOS. You get to play as a little winged cube who has ended up as the last of it’s kind. Your little cube character does have a brain and he may be small but he has big skills.

Ghouls have taken over the place and your cube must take them out. These ghouls have decided to ruin life for all the other creatures in the game. Your little cube comes equipped with a mean little canon so you can start your blasting journey! The canon is not the only weapon in the game, there are plenty of others to choose from as well.

You will fight the ghouls in waves of attacks, each wave has new challenges to make it more difficult on the little cube. You must use your skills to battle your way to the end of each wave. Every victory in a wave brings you closer to the big boss battle that promises to be difficult to beat.

There are many great features in Ghouls ‘n Ghouls worth mentioning that help make the game play even better. One such feature is the smooth dual joysticks, this feature helps to make sure you flow through your battles with ease. You can also count on encountering countless waves! This way your ghoul attacks will last for hours giving you plenty of fun play time.

You can also post your score to the GC leader board for all to see, showing off your awesome gaming skills. The high resolution makes the graphics more enjoyable for the gamer experience. Graphics can make or break a game in some cases and this game does not disappoint. We encourage you to leave feedback for the developer so that the game can continue to improve.

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