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This week our iOS app selection is geared towards parents who have a toddler at home. We know toddlers love to get a hold of our phones so they can be just like us. Well this week our app is just for that, to make them feel included while also training their brains.

The app is called “Baby Games for 1-3 Year Old’s”. This iOS app has bright colors and sounds to help keep your little one engaged. This game helps your child to learn about sorting and how to associate similar objects with one another.

Your little one will be acquainted with a variety of concepts and objects. They will learn how to distinguish them, everything from animals and birds to food and much more. The app is designed to be easy to use by any toddler. In order to keep your toddler engaged pick their favorite set of objects. Match the pictures and sort where they belong, expand your toddler’s mind.

Your toddler will develop better logic and attention skills. It will also help them refine their motor skills and discipline. Your toddler will gain all of these this independently, which is a good thing as we know how toddlers like to be independent. Your child will not only have fun with this app but feel great about their accomplishments for every successful match they do. Celebrating every win is important to a toddler because they know they did something right.

Baby Games for 1-3 Year Old’s helps to give a sense of accomplishment to your toddler. It will help give you peace of mind that your child is doing something safe and educational. If you happen to have iOS 6 or later than you can know your child is using this safely in kids mode. This is great especially since this app does come with in-app purchases. Let your child play safe and sound, let them have fun and exercise those brain muscles without you as a parent needing to worry.

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