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Welcome fellow bloggers! If you’re looking for WordPress apps developed specifically for the iPad and iPad 2 the search comes to a halt right here. Surprisingly it took over a year for such apps to surface but better late than never. Choose any of the following iPad blogging apps and start creating quality blog posts from your Apple tablet in no time!

Blogsy iPad Blogging App

With Blogsy you can easily begin updating your blogs with speed and efficiency straight from your iPad 2. You’ll be amazed at how user friendly this app is. Trust me, I’ve been blogging for several years myself and wouldn’t make such claims if it weren’t true. Blogsy is well known for being the first ever WordPress app to become available for the iPad. Thank goodness for that!

Blogsy App Key Features

  • Easily create pending reviews and online drafts
  • A quick tap lets you format text
  • Ability to insert photos directly from the web
  • Drag and drop content to your blog post with ease
  • Schedule posts
  • Use Blogsy’s “Rich Side” or edit blog posts using HTML
Download on the App Store

QuickWordPress iPad Blogging App

Using QuickWordPress you’ll find creating, updating and managing your WordPress entries to be a breeze. In a lot of cases when people think of the iPad 2 they think of a device that is mainly designed to consume data. Truth is the iPad 2 is a lot more than just a media powerhouse, it can be used for many productive and practical things too. Combined with the power of WordPress, which is easily the world’s most commonly used content management system (CMS), along with the QuickWordPress blogging app you can use your iPad 2 as a tool for all of your blog creation needs.

QuickWordPress Key Features

  • Paste images to your blog article from Safari
  • Supports TextExpander Snippets
  • Open Text, HTML, Markdown Files
  • Sophisticated keyboard additions
  • Manage multiple accounts
  • Store notes
  • In app preview
Download on the App Store

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