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In the past year tablet pc’s have taken portable computing to a whole new level. Other than fancy touch-screens though what else puts tablets in a league of their own? There’s a lot more to them than you might think. That’s what I will attempt to answer in this article.

Tablets For Education

The interactive capabilities of tablet pc’s are second to none. Whether you’re a young child beginning to learn basic math skills or an adult who seeks guitar lessons, tablets have helped make learning more fun and in many cases a lot easier. Part of the reason tablet computers have had such a positive impact in this area is because of how interactive they are. Studies have proven that people are able to retain information longer and learn much faster when text, sound and visuals are combined. That’s exactly what tablets do.

Tablet Computers Inspire Developers

Tablet computers have inspired developers all around the globe to create countless innovative apps. It’s almost overwhelming to imagine how much app development has advanced in such a short period of time. Innovative apps that help simplify our lives and make several tasks easier to manage are being launched daily. Programmers, designers and engineers have been creating software and applications for decades, but never at such a rapid rate like this before since the introduction of tablet pc’s.

Tablet PC’s & Job Creation

A little less than a month ago Jesse Jackson, Jr. made a comment about how he considers the iPad to be a “job killer”. I certainly mean no disrespect to him but in my opinion he couldn’t be farther from the truth. Sure, new technology makes certain jobs obsolete in a hurry but in this case the jobs created far outweigh any that were lost. Technology can’t be to blame for people who refuse to change their business model when a new trend arrives. Today’s unemployment rates are not the result of tablets such as the iPad, PlayBook or any other touch-screen tablet device now available for that matter. Truth be told, there are plenty of jobs and opportunities available in the world of tablet computing. Like the old saying, seek and you shall find.

How Tablet Computers Help Those With Disabilities

Tablets are very useful tools for people with several different types of disabilities. They have so much potential and can help bridge the gap for victims who suffer from such things as Alzheimer’s, autism, traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, cerebral palsy and paralyzing nerve disease just to name a few. Alzheimer patients for example find it much easier to communicate with graphic based tablets. They are also very helpful for individuals who are unable to speak with text-to-speech apps. People who have difficulties speaking can communicate using shapes, symbols and icons instead of words and/or phrases.

Not only do tablets present easier methods for disabled people, they do it all at a fraction of the cost. When you compare the cost of similar communication aids and technology available for the disabled with the cost of tablet computers you realize just how much more affordable they are.

Why Tablets Are a Great Tool For DJ’s & Musicians

There are so many practical and educational apps available for DJ’s and musicians alike who use tablet computers. Also, DJ equipment can be very bulky and heavy but tablets help make those loads a lot lighter. The music apps available today are so advanced and are capable of doing just as much, if not more in many cases than many other types of instruments and equipment. Not only that but setup is a lot quicker too and musical artists can be performing in touch-screen fashion rather quickly.

Final Thoughts

These of course are just a few of many examples of how tablets have impacted our lives. What’s really fascinating is that as advanced as they are there’s a lot more innovations to come in the very near future as devices like the iPad, Android tablets and PlayBook for example continue to evolve. They will continue to evolve and improve our lives, one app at a time.

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