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This weeks iOS app of the week is an adventure role playing game called Cosmic Eggs that was released January 10 2017. Yes, Cosmic Eggs is the name of this newly released iOS game and breeding, taking care of and battling your aliens is the game.

That’s right I said breeding aliens but before breeding them you must first obtain one. Along with breeding the aliens you can progress their generation and battle them against other players. A cosmic bacteria cluster invading the earth and it’s your mission to save our planet!

You can breed your aliens with other players from around the world or with your friends. When you breed your aliens with your friends you can both shake your phones together for better breeding results. The result of breeding your aliens is that you will strengthen, evolve and mutate them. You’ll get different results with every new alien you breed with.

Cosmic Eggs iOS game

When hatching your alien eggs you can gain some great values in the game. With each successful hatch you can get your alien to move forward in their generation. Moving forward in their generation enables you to obtain new skills and traits or improve on existing ones. When you hatch an egg you can look back and see your interaction history of how your alien got to the level of generation they are. This is called the family history which logs all the players you have interacted with so you can see your progress.

When it comes to the battles your aliens will decide how they want to fight their opponents. It is your job to make sure they have the strength and skills they need to win these battles. Your friends can assist you in a battle if you need it or you can assist them. Defeating enemies will help you earn food to feed your alien. Food helps improve your alien by making them bigger, faster and stronger. You may also share the food with your team of aliens to help make you an intergalactic force to be reckoned with.

This app is also compatible with the Apple Watch as well as your iPhone or iPad device. Cosmic Eggs also has weekly updates to bring you new bosses to fight and more aliens to see. Pay close attention to the app for you don’t want to miss out on the campaigns, events and competitions.

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Twitter: @cosmiceggsENG


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