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A new concept video by Delta Concepts has recently surfaced which proposes a 2018 model iPad sporting dual cutouts for front facing speakers and facial recognition.

Just like past versions of the iPad, this design is inspired by the latest model iPhone. In this case, the concept also suggests the inclusion of Apple’s new Face ID which will be rolling out in the new firmware upgrade for the iPhone 8. With Face ID you can unlock Apple devices automatically simply by moving your face in front of dual cameras.

There have been a lot of leaks as of late suggesting the iPhone 8 will have a notch/cutout at the top as well as larger screen. As you can see in the video above, this 2018 iPad concept has an almost bezel-less screen as well.

iPhone 8 with top cutout

Photo courtesy of @stroughtonsmith

Regarding the iPhone 8, despite all of the leaks and rumors we’ll of course know more officially on Tuesday, September 12, when Apple is expected to officially unveil their latest member of the iPhone family.

With dual cutouts on the iPad’s screen a concept like this may not be that appealing for mobile gamer’s or entertainment purposes. Most mobile device users won’t appreciate having cutouts that interfere with the display area when playing games or watching movies. However, a device with a design like this could possibly be geared more towards educational and business markets. Just like this year, Apple may launch more than one new version of the iPad in 2018 so a concept like this could be a possibility.

2018 iPad concept

It’s been confirmed that the iPhone 8 will sport a virtual home button. Based on this video it looks like this 2018 iPad concept would have the same feature.

Time will tell what Apple really has in store for their 2018 iPad tablets. Rest assured we’ll likely see some big and exciting changes and there are also rumors that a 2018 model iPad may come equipped with an AMOLED display. Guess we’ll just have to wait and see!

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