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Today we introduce our first iOS app of the week for 2018 which is a newly released game called Angry Bus Driver. Anyone who drives transit or rides the city bus will love this new iOS game.

This adventure simulation game is 200 MB and free to download. Angry Bus Driver is perfect for when you are sitting and waiting for your bus to arrive or while on route on the bus. For those who drive the bus this is perfect for you to get those work blues out, however we don’t recommend city bus drivers to play this game while driving.

Get your anger and frustration out as you drive through the beautiful city destroying it all. Drive freely through the city breaking the rules of the road and crushing objects to gain points. You get different blocky and toon type vehicles to choose from within the game. There are different areas of the city to explore with various vehicles you can choose from.

As with any game there is still a point to it all. While you can drive like a crazy maniac with road rage by destroying all that lays in your path you must also make sure you keep on schedule by dropping passengers off at their destinations. Whether the passengers are on their way to a different stop or to a party you must get them there on time or risk losing points.

The game features easy to use controls for each of the different vehicles you can drive. You can use a steering wheel, left and right buttons or tilt your device to drive the vehicle of your choosing. The graphics of the game are animated to the point where you can see the passengers get on and off the bus. you not only get a detailed interior and environment but realistic damage to objects and the city as well. the game has an intelligent traffic system which goes great with the navigation of the city maps and routes.

So become a pro at destruction but also remember to finish your tasks to make yourself a city destroying pro. Don’t forget to pay attention to the real world tasks as well. Download and go on your rampage and see just how high of a score you can get in Angry Bus Driver!

Angry Bus Driver on the App Store

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