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Our Android App of the Week is an exiting new mobile game called Full Metal Monsters. You can pre-register for the game today as it’s currently unreleased. It’s an action packed game that has the promise to be one of the most addicting new games to come to the Play Store market. We find it worthy to be featured in our weekly Android app spotlight!

Full Metal Monsters combines the power of mechanics and dinosaurs to give you an awesome post apocalyptic experience. It’s a 5X5 PVP shooter game with multiple modes. Play in the sky or on land, augmented or organic, or fully decked out in mechanic gear. You choose the game play experience you wish to have.

In this world only the strongest can survive. Destroy enemies in melee attacks or strike your opponent from a distance. Be sly by sabotaging your opponents or hurl yourself into battle. Choose from metal, organic or augmented creatures to control. Each creature has different skills and abilities. You can dash, jump, stun, regenerate and much more. Picking the right dino is key whether you’re doing an aerial or land based battle.

There are a variety of weapons at your disposal that you can equip with your battle dino. Each of the 3 types of creatures have their unique strengths and weaknesses. Each type also has a top dino for their make. The Full Metal type has the Tyrannosaurus, Organic has Spinosaurus and the Augmented type has the Triceratops. Be sure to choose wisely and from the right category as to which creature you battle with.

Once officially released, this Android game will be completely free to download and play. It will however include some optional in-app purchases. The developers of the game AI GAMES FZ recommend that you have a strong internet connection and preferably use Wi-Fi. As mentioned above, currently the game is still under active development so it’s open to any feedback you may have as they do read comments regularly.

So pre-register today for Full Metal Monsters and be the first to get notified once the new mobile game is available to download and play on your Android device! You can also follow the official Full Metal Monsters Facebook page for frequent updates on the game.

Download Full Metal Monsters on Google Play

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