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We’ve selected a fun and newly released card game called Cultist Simulator for our Android app of the week. This mobile game is an addictive and mysterious one that is based in the 1920’s. In this app you get to create and control your own unholy cult. Originally created as a PC game, with over 200,000 players, the creators decided to make the game go mobile.

Playdigious, the creators of this game, have decided to forgo providing any tutorial of the game. They want you to discover how to play the game to add to the challenge. The rogue-like game play makes it so there isn’t just one history. Cultist Simulator doesn’t hold your hand like other games. You must experiment, expire, and surpass death to create your legacy. With enough time you can learn to bend this game to your will.

The game has an immersive, and intense narrative. You must combine cards in order to tell your story. There’s a novel’s worth of of choice-based storytelling, as well as endless directions that your story could go. No two games are the same, and your story won’t always have the same ending. This game of ambition, appetite, and abomination will always have a new twist for you no matter how you play.

The game has a rich Lovecraftian world for you to lose yourself in. Cultist Simulator brings Lovecraft’s stories to life in an entirely new setting. Corrupt your friends, consume your enemies, and bring you dark cult dreams to life. Translate the grimoires and sift through their lore, and preform sanity twisting rituals in order to make your cult complete.

It is important to note, however, the game is not free to play. You must purchase the game for $9.99, but based on it’s high 4.7 rating I’m sure it’s money well spent. So, come and seize the forbidden treasure, summon and meet the alien gods, and feed on your disciples today!

As always I encourage you to leave a review and rate this game. Mobile apps can only improve if the creators get feedback. Download this new mobile game and give in to your dark side.

Download Cultist Simulator on Google Play

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