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According to a newly released Microsoft Windows 8 tablet infographic from Mashwork it appears as though a large percentage of people are looking forward to the upcoming new operating system. So much in fact that based on reactions it’s quite possible Microsoft could very well give the Apple iPad 2 and Android tablets a good run for their money and mobile market share.

This newly surfaced infographic shows 65,968 tweets from June 15th to September 22nd of 2011. These Twitter reactions and conversations have been deeply analyzed and broken down by Mashwork and the results prove to be quite positive and favorable towards Microsoft’s Windows 8 operating system.

A total of 17,811 tweets, which is 27% of all combined tweets, were related to discussions comparing Windows 8 with other popular tablet computer operating systems including Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android OS. As it turns out 63% of those tweets favored Windows 8 over iOS for the iPad. Not long ago we showed you all an 11 minute Windows 8 vs. Apple iOS 5 video which gives you a rough idea how the two compare. The majority also believed Windows 8 was better than Android. Keep in mind a lot of these tweets could very well be biased. This does not accurately show a true comparison between the different operating systems on all levels based on age groups, demographics, locations, price ranges, overall functionality etc., but it does show that numerous people are indeed looking forward to Windows 8 based tablets.

A large majority of these tweets come from those who are either very tech savvy, early adopters of Windows 8 or fellow developers. Among the initial reactions during and shortly after the Microsoft BUILD conference earlier this year only 20% were skeptical while 47% of people were quite excited about Windows 8. Not many people, hardly any in fact, see a bright future for the operating system on desktops or laptops, on the other hand an extremely high percentage of people believe the OS is a perfect fit for tablet computers.

When it comes to unique new features this next-generation tablet OS really shines. Out of the 65,968 tweets a total of 41% of them, 27,047 tweets to be exact, were related to Windows 8 features. In this category 20% of the discussions were based on the Microsoft Metro UI, 22% were related to cloud integration, the Microsoft App store and live tiles, 34% were impressed by the super fast boot time of Windows 8 and 24% liked the idea of Windows 8 working alongside the Microsoft Xbox 360 console.

Check out the infographic for yourself below. Click here for a larger full-size version of the infographic.

New Windows 8 Infographic from Mashwork

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