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How does the Windows 8 operating system compare to iOS 5? Well, the video featured below should help answer some of your questions. Keep in mind the tablet running Windows 8 in the video is only a prototype and is not running a full fledged version of the future operating system. Same goes for the Apple iPad featured which is only running iOS 5 BETA.

It’s not exactly like having a front row seat at the main event, but think of it like a behind the scenes sneak peak of the two operating systems warming up before the big match. Yes, the full version of iOS 5 is not yet available and Windows 8 is still in development and likely won’t be available for tablets for another year or so, but this video still gives you a fairly good idea of how the two might match up.

Microsoft has been working very hard and they’ve made some great progress so far with their highly anticipated Windows 8 OS. The new operating system has lots of unique features and is full of fun surprises. Of course we’ll have to wait some time yet before it will be on the market powering some of the most advanced slates out there, but Microsoft was generous enough to release a Windows 8 developer preview build. Whatever the case, Microsoft is proving they have not left the race against other top tablet PC OS competitors. In fact it appears they have a lot of good things in store that they’ll eventually be bringing to the table.

On the other hand, iOS 5 should be ready and available for the iPad and iPhone very soon. By the looks of it there’s no question it will be worth the wait, which of course is to be expected from a company such as Apple. They continue to make tremendous improvements to their already successful mobile operating system. Like anything of course there is always room for improvements.

I’ve said enough so I’m just going to skip the whole “…and in this corner we have …ding, ding, ding” part and let you watch this 11 minute video. I could do the whole announcer thing but my skills in that department are a bit rusty. Enjoy!

iPad iOS 5 vs Windows 8 Video

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