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When it comes to the NVIDIA quad-core Tegra 3 processor the question isn’t if it will hit the market, rather how soon will it arrive to consumer based tablets. Another fair question is what tablet manufacturers will be the first to use this powerful new chip in their touchscreen devices?

As of now there’s only speculation and rumors floating around, but my guess is it wouldn’t be surprising to see tablets come equipped with the Tegra 3 chip as soon as the 2011 fall semester. After all, as far as marketing strategies go you have to admit that would be pretty good timing. Right before classes begin in the fall it’s prime time for returning students to start looking into what fancy new laptop, sorry I had a flash back there, I meant to say portable touchscreen tablet to buy.

Whether or not you’re up to speed with tablet pc’s chances are you’ve heard of the Motorola Xoom. Well, rumor has it that Motorola will switch their focus from the Xoom tablet to a newly designed 7-inch tablet sporting the Tegra 3. Yes, this means there’s a possibility that the Xoom will in fact fade completely from the market.

Of course Motorola isn’t the only company salivating over the Tegra 3 chip. Several companies, so far as many as at least 10 different manufacturers, have their eyes on integrating the chip in their soon to be launched tablet devices. With nearly 5x the processing speed of the Tegra 2 predecessor who can blame them?

Earlier this month we also mentioned that Amazon’s Hollywood tablet may have the Tegra 3 chip, of course only time will tell. Who knows exactly what Amazon has up their sleeve for the near future. Either way, we all know they will soon be entering the tablet market and whatever the case they shouldn’t be underestimated.

Whatever way you spin it, the fact is tablet computers are evolving at an extremely rapid rate. Whether or not NVIDIA’s T30 quad-core processor is bundled in newly launched tablets by September there will still be no shortage of highly advanced and practical tablets for new and returning students to choose from. We’ve already been given the heads up from NVIDIA to expect T3 powered gadgets by some time during the fall. As far as exact dates and models using the chip, it’s anyone’s guess at this point.

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