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A new business locator and local discovery app from WhitePages called Localicious is now available in the Android Market. With Foursquare data and the extensive WhitePages business directory integrated into this app you’ll have no trouble finding the best deals and hottest new trends in your area, no matter where you are! Easily connect to more than 21 million local businesses across the USA.

Bret Moore, WhitePages Mobile GM says:

By zooming in on neighborhoods to cut out the clutter, the right businesses are just a tap or two away

The Localicious app automatically detects the most popular businesses of interest near you based on your preferences and location. It goes wherever you go, across more than 80,000 U.S. Neighborhoods to be exact. There’s even a pre check-in feature for those who use Foursquare allowing you to set and forget and the app takes care of the rest.

This app runs in the background on your Android tablet and prompts you with notifications if you’re close to a fantastic deal or something “good in your hood”.

Something else that makes this app release significant is the fact that it was developed and released exclusively for the Android OS. Typically companies develop apps initially for iOS devices such as the iPad, then eventually get around to releasing an Android version, but not in this case. The following helps describe some of the reasons Bret Moore sees advantages in developing this particular app for Android tablets and smartphones first:

Revenue Opportunities With Android

When it comes to matching the right merchants with potential consumers Android makes it easy to tie the two together. Several ad related products are in store for the Localicious app. WhitePages will be able to charge companies a premium for highly targeted ads which they can prove are effective. Android helps open the door to a world of revenue opportunities.

Background Processing

As mentioned above, this app runs quietly in the background of your Android tablet or other Android powered device. If you’re walking down the street somewhere for example the app doesn’t need to manually be launched by the user in order to get your attention to provide hot spots and the best deals nearby.

Fewer Publishing Barriers

When submitting an iOS app for review and approval the process can be a rather lengthy one. When it comes to Android apps the approval process is a lot quicker and easier, allowing companies to get their app out on the market almost immediately.

Oh and just for the record, this app will not help you locate your lost dog or cat, it’s really good but not quite that good! On a lighter note it will help you find the best pet stores near you so you can finally get your cat Whiskers the coolest new toy. Your furry little feline friend will be the most hip cat in town.

Download Localicious from the Android Market.

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