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Siri and Google Assistant are both very intelligent AI helpers but there are a few key differences between them. So, if you’re wondering how Google Assistant compares to Siri, and what some of the major differences are, we’ve provided a few answers for you below.

Google Assistant Works On Non-Google Devices and Operating Systems

Unlike Siri that only works on Apple products and operating systems, Google Assistant works on both Android and iOS devices. The announcement that Google Assistant now works on iPhones was made recently by Scott Huffman at the 2017 Google I/O conference. However, although Google Assistant is now a multi-platform voice assistant, it will be limited in its functionality on iOS devices due to API restrictions.

Siri Supports More Languages than Google Assistant

Currently Siri supports more than 20 different languages while Google Assistant supports less than 10 languages at this time. This is no surprise considering Google Assistant is still in its infancy, but more supported languages are continuously being added with new additions expected this summer.

Google Assistant Better Connects You to Your Smart Home and Appliances

Ever since Google released the Assistant SDK to hardware developers last month there are practically endless possibilities with how Google Assistant can more intelligently connect you to your smart home and appliances. It all started when Google teamed up with Deeplocal to create a DIY robotic mocktails mixer which has the ability to mix any drink you ask it to.

Fast forward a month later, now companies like GE Appliances have come on board to integrate appliances including laundry machines, dishwashers, refrigerators, and water heaters with Google Assistant and Google Home. Now you will have the ability to ask Google Assistant if your dishes are clean, or for example tell it to do things such as preheat your oven.

It’s not far fetched to say that this is only the beginning and that we can expect even more home devices to support Google Assistant integration in the near future. To further promote innovation in this area, Google is also currently holding a competition called the Actions on Google Developer Challenge. They are giving away 20 prizes including a trip to Google I/O 2018 for whoever builds the best new apps for Google Assistant on Google Home.

So when it comes to innovative smart home technology Google Assistant seems to be the front runner over Siri in this department.

Siri Can Be Voice Activated

Unlike Google Assistant, Siri launches quicker due to the fact that you can simply activate it with a voice command. Currently Google Assistant still requires you to first open the app before you can use it. This may only be the difference of a few seconds wait time but still a significant and notable difference nonetheless.

Written Conversations and Contextual Answers

With Siri there is a workaround that allows you to type corrections for misunderstood queries. However it is just that, a workaround. With Google Assistant however you have the ability to initially type questions or have written conversations. This is ideal in cases where perhaps you’re in a quiet environment or simply don’t feel like talking out loud.

Google Assistant Has More Advanced Vision AI

Google Assistant is now integrated with Google Lens, which provides highly advanced object recognition AI functionality. Unlike Siri, with Google Assistant working alongside Google Lens, you can simply aim your camera at an object and receive information, help, and suggestions without even snapping a photo. For example, if you’re outside of a restaurant you can simply point your camera at the name of that restaurant and instantly receive information such as what’s on the menu. You can point your phone at a movie poster and get theater information and showtimes near your location. You get the picture.

Siri Works on Tablets – Google Assistant Doesn’t

Those who own an iPad can use Siri just like they would on their iPhone. Google Assistant however, at least for now, is not supported on Android based tablets.

More In-App Functionality

You can ask Google Assistant things for example like “What’s the status of Westjet flight 714 from Vancouver to Toronto?”. Sure, you could ask Siri the exact same question however there is one major difference. If you ask Google Assistant about a flight status you will get instant results without being kicked out of the app and sent to a web browser. Siri on the other hand is not as advanced in this area and will simply launch a browser to perform a web search.


There’s no denying that Siri and Google Assistant are both intelligent personal assistants. They are both a work in progress and there’s no telling just exactly what the future will bring. However, even with Siri having a head start with launching in late 2011, Google Assistant seems to be evolving at a much quicker rate. No AI is perfect of course, but Siri’s AI technology has also been known to provide misguided and ill equipped responses.

With Google being more open to partnering with third-party app developers and hardware companies, and with new apps being developed by Android’s already thriving community of developers, the room for growth could be far greater than that of Siri.

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