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Have you ever wondered what tablet computers of the future will be like? Do you often think about what hi-tech features the ultimate dream tablet would have? Tablet pc’s are still fairly new on the market and look how much they’ve evolved already in such a short period of time. It’s really quite an interesting topic to ponder. Look at mobile phones for example. If you were to put a portable phone from the 80’s side by side with one of today’s highly advanced smartphones you likely wouldn’t even think they’d belong in the same category.

Let’s pretend it’s the year 2020, if nothing else hopefully by then Google will have an affiliate program for the Android Market. Jokes aside though, can you vision what a tablet pc from this era would be like. I would imagine they would be using holographic technology by then. Of course if that were the case touch screen size would no longer be an important factor. Instead of video conferencing you’d have holographic conferencing. Sounds like something you’d only see in some sci-fi movie or TV show but let’s face it, in reality it’s not all that far fetched. We already know that holographic technology has been around for a while but not yet used largely by the mainstream public. Not only that, but many things that were considered impossible 100 years ago are commonplace by today’s standards.

My guess is that apps will be more advanced but cheaper and easier to create. What I mean is, there will be more tools for actual tablet pc consumers to develop custom apps on their own instead of having to hire developers or rely on app market places. Take websites for example. When the Internet first became available to the public hardly anyone knew how to design and create a website. Fast forward to the present with all of today’s website development tools and WYSIWYG editors and all of a sudden you have a society that is more advanced but as a result website development costs are nowhere near as high as they use to be. To me it only makes sense that the same results would apply to apps for tablet pc’s of the future.

Of course I couldn’t end this article without mentioning biometrics for tablet computers. When it comes to retina scans and finger print scanners for portable tablet pc’s like the iPad 2 or Xoom for example there are little to no options available. Not only that but the few biometric apps that are available cost money and most of them just act as simulators so they are mainly for fun and not actual security. In the not so distant future I strongly believe tablet pc’s will, or at least should, come equipped with retina and finger print scanners built in. Logging in to your tablet pc after having your eye or finger print scanned will be just as common in the future as typing in a password or pin code is today. On top of that it won’t cost a dime.

With cloud based apps biometric technology for tablet computers could be taken even one step further. Say you are at a business meeting for example and moments before having to make a presentation your battery dies on your tablet device. Not a problem, just borrow the tablet from the person next to you, have your eye scanned and just like that all of your data in the cloud suddenly appears. No matter where you are, and no matter what tablet you log in to your data can be accessible from any location with cloud based and biometric technology.

These are only a few predictions and mainly just my imagination flowing. What are some of your predictions for future tablet pc’s? What features would you like to see added that current tablet pc’s on the market are simply not capable of? Please comment below and share what’s on your mind!

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