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We’ve seen leaks and heard rumors about the massive 17.5-inch Samsung Galaxy View 2 tablet since last year. Now benchmark results from GeekBench for the device have recently surfaced shedding a bit more light on the new tablet.

Code-named SM-T927A, the Galaxy View 2 tablet is a successor to the original Samsung Galaxy View tablet which launched back in 2015.

2019 Samsung Galaxy View 2 Tablet

As you can see from the screenshot below, the GeekBench benchmark results for the Galaxy View 2 show that the device is more a mid-range tablet as opposed to high-end. Of course we’ve already known that for months, but it still helps to now have more specific details.

Sorry NASA, with a single-core score of 1200 and a multi-core score of 3987, this device won’t power your space shuttles but you can still use it to watch movies while on your way to mars!

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Regardless of the low score, this tablet can still be used for many daily tasks. It’s common for mobile manufacturers to offer a wide range of devices from low-end to high-end in order to target different users. For example, many might find the 17.5-inch screen to be a bit too large for their liking. But it’s still smaller than its 18-inch predecessor released in 2015. This new tablet could be useful for the education sector or children watching cartoons just to name a couple of examples.

It will come packed with 3 GB of RAM and run on Android 8.1 Oreo. It has a Exynos 7885 octa core CPU and last September we already found out that it’s Bluetooth and Wi-Fi certified. We know that’s not much to go by but we’re hoping to know full specs, release date, and pricing soon.

We’re hopeful that Samsung decided to make the Galaxy View 2 tablet compatible with their S Pen. We also hope they included a scheduled blue light filter option. My wife loves her Galaxy Tab A 10.5 but it lacked both of these features which was a little disappointing.

We still don’t know when Samsung will officially reveal their new tablet. Of course the flagship Samsung Galaxy S10 will likely steal the show, but we’re expecting there’s a good possibility the Galaxy View 2 will be revealed during in Barcelona at MWC19 next month.

View Samsung Galaxy View 2 GeekBench Benchmark results here.

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