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Earlier this year Tesla revealed their large tablet PC control panel in their new Model 3 electric car. We had limited details at that time when first covering the story but this newly released video from a Tesla dealership in Austin, Texas shows a more in depth look at some of the features of the dashboard’s big infotainment touchscreen.

As you can see in the video, the Model 3’s touchscreen control panel is capable of performing many tasks. It’s very intuitive but like any new technology some of the touchscreens UI features are still a work in progress and it will take some time to work out the kinks.

For instance, the device doesn’t currently support FM radio or audio streaming from other connected devices such as tablets or smartphones. Our guess is that in time, hopefully sooner than later, these basic features will be added.

So what exactly can this touchscreen panel do? Well for starters Model 3 drivers can pretty much monitor and control the entire vehicle with the tablet. All information is readily available right at your fingertips. There currently aren’t any rains sensors, but from the touchscreen you can control the speed of your windshield wipers from slow to fast. Windshield wiper spray is also controlled from the digital panel. You can control the front heated seats, vehicle climate, audio, view road maps and see what gear you’re in.

Furthermore, the control panel displays the car’s battery life and roughly how many miles you can travel based on the remaining charge. The device even displays the speed limit based on your location. You can also control your seat position among many other things.

Many people are flocking to own the Model 3, while it may take a while for some other drivers to fully welcome such technology. There are still people who are concerned about this device causing unsafe distractions due to where it’s positioned.

What are some of your thoughts? Do you feel this is the direction all vehicle manufacturers should head towards going forward?

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