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An app development company from the UK has introduced an incredibly cool new app for Android tablet users. Introducing the award winning Paper Camera app from JFDP Labs. They bring a fun, stylish and creative twist to camera apps that you won’t see anywhere else.

Sure, there are many great photography apps out there that can do some clever things with photos. What sets Paper Camera apart from all the rest is the fact that it applies these filters all in real time. Transform photos instantly using your Android tablet and prepare to be amazed.

Paper Camera app for Android tablets

The app comes with several cool filters, 11 in total to start with, which include:

  • Cartoon (manga style)
  • Sketch up
  • Acquarello (watercolor)
  • Old Half tone
  • Neon crayons
  • Dirty pencil
  • Old comic book
  • 20’s Noir
  • New half-tone
  • Granny’s paper
  • Pastel perfect

These camera filters and effects are in fact quite complex believe it or not. Although the Paper Camera app might be very user friendly and easy to use, the process involved to make this app work on-the-fly really is quite involved and truly amazing. That’s why this app is a real award winner. In case you’re wondering, it works perfectly for taking both photos and videos!

The effects really are captivating. See the world through an entirely different view. You’ll never get bored using this app, that’s one thing for sure. All it takes is one try and you’ll be hooked on this app.

JFDP Labs are well known for their cutting edge technology when it comes to photography apps and Paper Camera is no exception.

Paper Camera App Demo Video

Still not convinced and don’t believe the hype about how fun and advanced this app is? Well either way have a peek at the video below to see this app in action for yourself. This video was not edited afterwards with any special effects either, did you catch the pun there? Enjoy the video.

Download Paper Camera from the Android Market.

Click here to visit the official JFDP Labs website.

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