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Our featured Android app of the week is from a genre that can help you become more observant. We have a newly released hidden object game for you this week titled: Train of Fear Hidden Object Mystery Case Game by Webelinx.

Like many hidden object mobile games you have a story line where you must solve a case or unravel a mystery. Unlock rooms and maps, find the objects you need in order to open others and explore every nook and cranny.

Train of Fear hidden object game for Android

The plot to this particular Android game is one that has you solving a murder case. An archaeologist and adventurer has been murdered on the train and his maps and journals have been stolen. You must use your observational skills to locate clues and items that will help in your investigation to figure out who the murderer is and what their motive was.

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The game is available in 15 different languages and has more than 1000 hidden objects for you to find on this ghost train. There are multiple levels to this 3D designed train for you to explore. The Game has different forms of searching for you from silhouette searching to a timed search and more. They are designed to add pressure and make your searches more challenging. As with most hidden object games you have puzzles within the game that you must complete in order to get to a clue or item you need.

Putting your attention to detail to the test is what this new mobile game is about. With a story line meant to draw you in and keep you playing for hours or until the game is complete. The graphics of the game are very well done making it a little easier to find the objects and items you need. Aiming to improve multiple functions in your brain this game will have you in a trance making it hard to put down. The game does contain ads but is worth the small wait to continue with the story so you can solve the case at hand.

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