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Nokia has made leaps and bounds in the smart fitness market since acquiring Withings back in May 2016. The Nokia Steel activity and sleep watch paired with Nokia’s total health tracking mobile app is like having your own digital personal fitness trainer.

The Nokia Health Mate mobile app was first released several years ago back in July 2012. But with numerous recent app updates and a refreshing new hardware lineup in 2017, which includes the Nokia Steel smartwatch, has enabled Nokia to take health, weight, and sleep monitoring to new levels. Some of the recent app improvements include access to a variety of new 8 week wellness programs, enhanced navigation features, as well as five other new programs including Sleep Smarter, Better Body, Leaderboard, Healthier Heart, and even a Pregnancy Tracker which provides personalized obstetrician-reviewed tips and advice throughout your pregnancy.

Nokia Steel smartwatch collection

Nokia Steel automatically tracks all of your health and fitness related activity and syncs data to your Nokia Health Mate app which you can download for iOS or Android. It also monitors your sleep patterns to help you get better, healthier, and more consistent sleep.

Whether you’re walking, running, sleeping, dancing, swimming, or just relaxing, the Nokia Steel watch tracks all daily activity progress and provides intuitive insights and knowledge to help you live a healthy lifestyle. It also tracks your weight, calories burned, and fat/muscle mass and provides colorful graphs to help assist you in reaching your weight loss goals. It recognizes more than 10 different types of activities.

The watch itself has a very attractive and modern design. It’s water resistant, made with a stainless steel frame and chrome hands, and has a sport strap made from silicon.

It’s also expected that Nokia will be ready to release the updated and rebranded version of the Steel HR fitness tracking watch by this fall.

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