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Big things are happening at Let’s Talk Tablets. We’re stretched a bit thin, but were back, and Better than Esra. That’s right. As always we’re delivering the latest in tablet news, but… today were back to pointlessness. Complete pointlessness. The kind of pointlessness that makes you wonder why you should even get out of bed… but in a good way. In our last episode, we left off at iSteam, but hopefully your brain has blocked this out. Now, we’re moving on to even more pointless iPad apps. So if you’re doing the same things over and over, and expecting different results, you’re not trying hard enough.

9,999,999 Crazy Fortune Cookies by Very Nice App

Do you plan on basing your future on randomly generated tripe, and generalities? Then the Crazy Fortune Cookie app is perfect for you. Be astounded by the gripping insights and uncanny predictions. You’ll be stunned by their accuracy:

Help! I am being held prisoner in a Chinese bakery.
Because of your melodic nature, the moonlight never misses an appointment.
You have an unusual equipment for success, use it properly… and,
You will receive a fortune cookie.

Startlingly accurate. Be shocked! Be amazed! Be underwhelmed!

Download 9,999,999 Crazy Fortune Cookies for iPad

BubbleFREE by Orsome

Is there any therapy better than popping bubble wrap? Personally, I’ve been through all kinds of therapy… counseling, electro-shock, lobotomy 2.0, and water boarding. Popping bubble wrap is easily my favorite. This app is kind of cool. It accurately simulates both the look and sound of popping bubble wrap, without all the expense, and environmental waste. How many bubbles can you pop before the timer runs out? Who cares?

As stated on the website, BubbleFREE by Orsome has won numerous awards, including:

Winner in the 2008 iPhone Excellence Awards
Winner in Apple’s iTunes 2008 Favorite picks
One of the top 20 downloaded apps ever, with over 10 million users worldwide

Pop away, Popmeister.

Download BubbleFREE for iPad

Star Wars: Lightsaber Duel by THQ Inc.

Let out your inner geek with the Star Wars: Lightsaber Duel by THQ Inc. Start by choosing your character. Next, choose your lightsaber, and let the fun begin. To ignite your lightsaber, simply tap the screen. To extinguish the blade, tap again.

Your lightsaber can be displayed in its entirety, or close up. When activated, the lightsaber app produces a wonderfully powerful hum. Swinging your device produces the highly recognizable swishing sound of a lightsaber, whether you’re using an iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad. Should you encounter someone else using this app, you can engage him or her in battle using peer-to-peer Bluetooth connectivity. This mode connects the lightsabers, causing them to react to one another. Striking and crossing lightsabers produces the iconic clashing sound heard throughout the movies. Not authentic enough? Why not play the classic theme included with the app. Not into classical? Man, you’re choosy, but worry not. Now you can play any song from your library as a soundtrack for your battles. I get Goosebumps just thinking about it.

No foe? No problem. You can always brush up on your skills with the single player mode. If you suffer from an identity crisis, you can choose from 15 Star Wars characters; each with their own distinct lightsabers. Once more, you can also create your own characters with customizable lightsabers.

Download Star Wars Lightsaber Duel for iPad

Fluid Monkey by Buzz Monkey Software

This app is a bit more serene. Run you finger along the surface of your screen to produce a colorful, and tranquil wake. Run several fingers across the screen and observe how the wakes interact with one another. The wakes will dissipate, cross over, and ricochet off the edges of the screen. Furthermore, you can change the color and viscosity of the fluid, and even add speckles and spheres. Stir the fluid, and observe the residual motion, including perceived depth. Combine fluids of different viscosities, and observe how gravitational forces affect them. Overall this is a wonderfully relaxing and serene app.

Download Fluid Monkey for iPad

Newton’s Cradle for iPad by Logic Consulting LLC

As stated on the official iTunes website:

This is the most realistic Newton’s Cradle available.

In our opinion, this title is well deserved. The Newton’s Cradle app is programed to accurately simulate Newton’s second law. It effectively exhibits the conservation of momentum and energy. Newton’s Cradle is the only iTunes available app with flexible string and completely unrestricted ball movement.

Newton’s Cradle for iPad is also highly customizable. For example, you can choose the look and characteristics of the balls. Choose between glass, chrome, and wood. In doing so the balls will look, behave, and sound like the real thing.

The multi-touch interface of the Newton app allows you to affect the balls individually, collectively, or anywhere in between. Unlock the gravity, and the orientation of the device will determine which way is down. The movement and behaviour of this app are so realistic, that the iPhone version has been used in science classrooms as a teaching aid.

With the end of your index finger touching the end of its adjoining thumb, touch one of the balls on either end of the cradle. With your digits still touching the screen, separate your index finger and thumb. This motion creates a virtual elastic band between your finger and thumb. Pull back on the ball the way you would an arrow in a bow. Release to launch, throw or fling the ball.

Download Newton's Cradle for iPad

We hope you’ve enjoyed this series and urge you to stay tuned for more exciting news in the days to come.

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