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With mental health awareness constantly on the rise people are always looking for tools to help them keep their brains healthy and improve overall wellbeing. I would like to introduce you and your mental health to the newly released Think-Ups app by Jason Pegg.

This app is here to help improve your overall happiness, mental health and keep your mind sharp. Think-Ups was also created to help reduce stress and anxiety.

Think-Ups iOS app for optimal mental health

Think-Ups has incorporated different science based techniques to help improve mindfulness, cognitive behavioral therapy, attention bias modification, positive psychology, nutritional therapy and psycho-education. You can make sure all your mental health bases are covered. With this app you can take your mental health and awareness of your mental state to a new level. Not only will it help improve your mental health it may possibly help improve your IQ as well.

Combining all the techniques in this app you get a full work out for your brain. With many benefits for your health there is no reason not to take interest in this app. There are suggested times to use the app to make the best of it. When you first wake up or go to bed your mind will better soak in the content. It is also suggested to use the app as a pick me up during the day by helping you focus your attention on positive emotions.

This new iOS app has a lot to offer everyone from improving your health to helping you increase your knowledge. If you’re looking for a tool to help keep your mental health in check, improve your IQ or challenge your brain then this free app is worth checking out. With so many time wasting apps out there, Think-Ups will help make you feel better for the fact that you have downloaded an app that isn’t mindless.

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