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If you are a fan of The Wonder Weeks Android app then you will fall in love with its sibling The Wonder Weeks Milestone Memories.

This newly released app helps to make the perfect timeline of your baby’s development by using pictures of your baby. The Wonder Weeks Milestone Memories app is designed to help you keep track of the most gorgeous moments in the easiest way possible for you. This app will be your handy tool to track the milestones for the first 20 months of your baby’s life. The creators are also adding the standard My Firsts as a bonus with the app itself.

The creators of the app, Domus Technica, want to make sure that all the wonder weeks are treasured forever. The developers also encourage you to download their other Android app The Wonder Weeks which paired with this app will help power you with tons of knowledge. It helps parents track progress of their baby with photographs while the other one helps to give you more insight on what’s happening with your little one.

This app has a checklist and diary to help you keep track of what your baby has done. You also get access to fun stickers to add to your photos and memories. You can save your photos or share them with your friends to show off your little one’s amazing progress. with more than 500 unique development tracking milestones you won’t run out of reasons to brag.

The Wonder Weeks Milestone Memories is perfect for every parent whether you’re first timers or seasoned veterans. Keep track of everything from the development of senses to physical developments. You can get some help with language acquisition and recognition or in music and art development. Get a better understanding of the emotional and mental development of your little one too. Track baby’s first foods and log which ones baby loved and which ones just gave them the yuck face.

Track baby’s first outing with mommy and daddy or with other loved ones. Let’s not forget all the first holidays that your sweet baby will experience. When doing all of this you will also be tracking how your baby’s looks and personality changes as they grow. You will have no problem looking back at those first 20 months and remembering them clearly. Not to mention it will help with being able to embarrass them when they get older. This is one of the perfect tools for parents and it only costs $1.39 in the Google Play Store.

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