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So, yesterday I was jabbering on about screen protectors and those O’-so-rugged “Rugged Cases”, so you might think I’d had enough of the topic. Well, you couldn’t be more wrong Mister!/Mrs!/Miss!/Ms!/Ma’am!/Moisha!/ and/or Mothra! (There! That’s all my readers). So, in the words of Jimmy Hendrix:

Excuse me while I jabber on further about those O’-so-rugged “rugged cases” (or something to that effect)

OtterBox Defender Case for Samsung Galaxy Tab

Behold! (No. Wait…) Ta-da! Enter the Samsung Galaxy Tab Defender Series Case. The OtterBox Defender Series case is designed to take significant abuse while simultaneously providing rock solid protection for your Samsung Galaxy Tab.

Comprised of three major components, the OtterBox Defender case begins its protection with a polycarbonate skeletal frame. The two-part polycarbonate frame forms the first layer of protection by snapping together, essentially forming a semi-rigid cage around the tablet. Incorporated into this snugly fitting layer is a robust screen protector and two shock absorbing pads, which protect the reverse side of the Galaxy Tab.

The second layer of protection begins with a substantial silicone skin that fits snugly around the polycarbonate frame. This “skin” protects the tablet from shock, but in no way interferes with the unit’s functionality. Incorporated into the skin is an opening for the camera (lens) on the back of the unit. Protrusions in the skin correspond with the Galaxy Tab’s control buttons, so the user can easily access the power switch as well as the up and down buttons. Moreover, the Defender Case has 2 built-in dust covers, one (on top) for access to the 2.5mm jack and one (on the bottom) for the Samsung dock connector. The dust covers are exceptionally well designed and provide superior particulate resistance. As an added bonus, you can also charge the Galaxy Tab with the Defender Case installed, and still, I don’t have a flying car.

The final layer of protection is provided by the rigid plastic foldout stand. The stand acts as a further layer of protection, but unfortunately adds substantial weight. Therefore it is not recommended for day-to-day lugging. It is however, ideal for orienting the unit to facilitate typing, say when at the office, riding the bus, or sitting desperately alone on the couch, eating cold beans out of the can, vacantly watching the depressing fodder that networks refer to as entertainment.

In short, the OtterBox Defender Series case ensures your Samsung Galaxy Tab survives the rugged treatment of a highly connected, busy, fun-loving individual like you. (Yes, you!) Highly recommended.

Check out all the specs on the official website. While you’re there you can check out the informative video showing just how durable OtterBox Defender cases truly can be. Although, I can’t be sure why you’d want to lug around a Galaxy Tab when rock climbing. I mean are you planning on texting your friends while chimneying a 5.10? No, wait! You need to check out a YouTube video on “how to rock climb”. No, no, no… Your school paper isn’t done and you thought it might be a good idea to write it while plummeting to your death. Check it:

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Lux Case for HTC Flyer

Last but not least is the Rugged HTC Flyer Cover. Like the name suggests, the deluxe case is compatible with the HTC Flyer. Made of 100% pure silicone, the rugged cover protects your HTC from scratches, dings and dents, while simultaneously reducing damage resulting from minor shocks and/or bumps. The supreme quality cover fits perfectly without compromising access to controls and/or ports. Camera function remains unaffected, thanks to the lens port on the back of the cover. The Rugged HTC Flyer Cover is odor-free, anti-static and dust proof. Reasonably priced, it also gives your HTC a unique, personal look. A good buy, and it’s available in a variety of colors.

Check out all the details on the official site.

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