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Having reviewed five different industrial grade tablets PCs in the Rougher Side of Tablets 1 & 2, I have to admit that they likely go well beyond the scope, needs and price range of most people. So if you dream big but are on a small budget, there are still options to shore up your consumer grade tablet. So behold, (I think every article should contain at least one behold):

A Whack of Accessories to Turn your Tablet into a Lean Mean, Nitro Burning, Flame Throwing, Tooth Spitting, Chipmunk Chewing, Dickensian Tour de Force.

Durable Tablet PC Screen Protectors

Zagg® InvisibleSHIELDs

Do fingerprints, streaks, and smears make you mental? I KNOW! I mean, I just washed my hands and they’re practically spewing sweat on my tablet. And grease! I mean, where’s it coming from? You’d think I’d been eating Crisco sandwiches for a week. WTF!? (Why The Fingerprints!?)

Well fear not, Zagg® Inc. has just the solution to keep you tentatively sane with their tablet InvisibleSHIELDs.

Now you can get the award-winning protection of InvisibleSHIELDs for your tablet PC. With over 20 million InvisibleSHIELDs sold worldwide, Zagg®, the original and industry leader in protective devices, is now setting their sights on the emerging tablet market. The result? You can now apply their patented clear protective skin to your Apple iPad 2 (Wi-Fi + 3G).

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InvisibleSHIELDs are trusted worldwide. The military grade material possesses numerous benefits, one of which is the reduction of the appearance of fingerprints, smudges, and smears (Oh joy!). Its unique properties have self-healing qualities, so it can take an incredible amount of abuse and still protect the touchscreen below. Zagg® is so sure of the quality of their products they include a free lifetime replacement warranty for the life of your device, plus a 45 day money back guarantee. Still not convinced? (Seriously!? I’ve been so smooth). Then check out this poignant video for yourself.

Warning the following video contains scenes of pointless abuse of expensive electronic equipment. Viewer discretion is advised.

If you don’t own an iPad, iPad 2 or other tablet computer (seriously?), yet are still interested in other products in the Zagg® lineup you can find a protective screen for your smart phone or other electronic device as well.

InvisibleSHIELDs: “It’s like a condom for your tablet!”

Rugged Cases For Tablets

Okay, screen protectors are one thing, but will they protect your tablet from an accidental dropkick in a fit of rage? Of course not! However there are other options for protecting your tablet, and one of those would be rugged cases. Ah, rugged cases. They’re rugged! And there’s a slew to choose from, so I thought I’d simplify your life by reducing your choices to five, and I better not catch anyone buying anything outside of this selection. We can’t have people thinking for themselves. Imagine the chaos.

So Behold… (Again with the behold) 5 rugged “Rugged Cases”

IMPECCA Shock Protective Case

The first in this completely arbitrary selection of rugged cases is the IMPECCA Shock Protective Tablet PC Heavy Duty Rubber Case. Designed specifically for iPad™ brand tablets, the Impecca IPS101 Tablet PC Case is made of a durable dust free material which envelopes your tablet with the nurturing love of a doe-eyed mother. The easy on-off sleeve protects your tablet from minor impacts and scratches and the FREE protective screen keeps your touchscreen as pure and unfettered as a virginal maiden.

The IPS101 also comes with a cleaning cloth. A CLEANING CLOTH!? …and includes a USB cable, what!? A FREE USB cable!? Yes, unbelievably so… a free USB cable. But, how can they give away so much for so little? I DON’T KNOW!? Alien technology and/or space age polymers, would be my guess, but I digress.

IMPECCA heavy-duty rubber cases come in six different colors to suit your tastes. So I hope you like at least one of the following colors: Blue, Royal Blue (Oooooouh, well… la de da!), Black, Pink, Red, and Yellow.

Click here to get yours now!

Ram Mounts® Rugged Handi-Case™

NEXT! Okay, we have the Ram Mounts® Rugged Handi-Case™ for the Apple iPad & iPad 2.

iPad 2 Handi Case from Ram Mounts

The RAM Handi-Case™ (RAM-HC1-AP8U) is a more rigid approach to protecting your iPad devices. Constructed of high strength composite material, the versatile Handi-Case™ not only protects and stores your iPad; it also provides options for organizing your daily office essentials.

The clamshell design houses your iPad in the lid portion of the case. There it is securely fastened into the custom iPad™ cradled. The lower portion of the Handi-Case™ can accommodate documents, writing instruments, and/or other small shiny metal objects thanks to the integrated storage spaces. When mounted in the Handi-Case™, your iPad is not only protected, it becomes part of a truly portable workstation.

Handi-Case™ closes completely when the iPad is mounted and features multiple punch-outs on the sides and back. While it’s tempting to believe that they allow your hamster to breath when stowed inside the case, that’s not their intended purpose. Surprisingly, they allow for the running of power into or out of the Handi-Case™. Lastly, the Handi-Case™ features integrated pockets for housing rare earth magnets. The magnets can be used to hold pens, paper clips, nuts, bolts, and equally fascinating small metal objects. As is stated on the website:

The cradle/case combination is perfect for anyone, from students to field techs who simply want their iPad safe and their daily life organized

Compatible Devices:

  • Apple iPad (1st Generation)
  • Apple iPad 2 (2nd Generation)

Included with Purchase:

  • Handi-Case™
  • iPad™ cradle
  • Two “rare earth magnets”
  • Custom RAM pen
  • Detachable clip

Handi-Case™ Internal Dimensions:

Length: 12.125″
Width: 9.875″
Depth/Height: 1.375″

Check out more fascinating facts and figure on the official Ram Mount website

OtterBox™ Defender Case for iPad 2

The last item on the agenda for today is the iPad™ 2 Defender Series Case by OtterBox™

The iPad™ 2 Defender Series Case is part of the OtterBox™ rugged line of protective cases. It is designed to endure both harsh treatment and difficult environments. The Defender series cases combine dissimilar materials in order to maximize the protection of your sensitive equipment. This multi-layer technology marries both polycarbonate and silicone.

iPad 2 Otterbox Defender Case

The purpose of the polycarbonate shell is two-fold. First, it protects the back of the iPad 2™ from contact with the outside world, thereby protecting it from scratches and/or dents. Secondly, it acts as a substrate for the shock-absorptive silicone interior. This durable silicone “skin” soaks up the otherwise damaging energy encountered during a significant bump or fall.

You also needn’t worry about losing access or functionality when using the OtterBox™ Defender Series Case. It is designed so that you can easily access all of the iPad’s features right through the case. The clip-on touch screen cover has a foldout stand, which facilitates both viewing and typing. Please note: This case is NOT compatible with the optional iPad 2 dock.

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Be sure to tune again soon for the exciting finale to this intoxicating topic in “The Rougher Side of Tablet Accessories (Part 2)”.

UPDATE: The Rougher Side of Tablet Accessories Part 2

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