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Tech giant Apple has given the go-ahead to their Taiwan based suppliers to begin preparing components and materials for the iPad 3 tablet. This of course is great news for iPad fans and perhaps not such great news for competitors in the tablet industry.

Most competitors barely have their foot in the door while Apple begins the initial stages of having their soon to be 3rd generation iPad manufactured. Apple is well aware of the rapidly growing competition and won’t allow any company to gain headway if they can help it.

No specific launch date for the iPad 3 has been announced yet but it’s expected to hit the market before the end of the year, possibly by October or perhaps even sooner. During the past month or so alone there have been several announcements regarding new tablets that are expected to arrive in time for the back to school rush. This includes Amazon’s Hollywood tablet, Archos Generation 9 tablets and Huawei’s MediaPad just to name a few.

If timing were a game of chess then Apple would probably have more checkmates than any other company. In other words they are very strategic when it comes to launch dates. For those of you who remember, people were already talking about the iPad 3 before the iPad 2 was even launched. This just goes to show the amount of buzz Apple is capable of creating. Of course their products practically speak for themselves, but Apple certainly takes good marketing tactics very serious.

What new features will come equipped with the iPad 3 model? It’s too early to tell but chances are it will have a higher resolution screen with a 250dpi display, will most likely weigh less and also be thinner compared to the iPad 2. Whatever the case we’ll find out soon enough.

What we do know for sure is that iPad 3 and iPhone 5 supply volumes for the second half of 2011 have tremendously increased for the following upstream suppliers:

  • Foxconn Electronics – In charge of assembly
  • Largan Precision – Webcams
  • TPK Holding – Touch panel modules
  • Wintek – Touch panel modules
  • Dynapack International Technology – Battery supply
  • Simplo Technologies – Battery supply
  • Catcher – Chassis

Please visit often and stay tuned for more details regarding specs and release dates for the iPad 3. It should turn out to be a very interesting year, full of twists and surprises of course, not only for Apple but for the tablet industry in general. The iPad 3 will come equipped with better specs, not to mention the release of iOS 5 later this year.

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