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A new multi-platform game for iPad, Android tablets and other video game consoles such as the PlayStation and XBox Live Arcade was announced in a press release by Endeavor Bros today. That’s right, brace yourself for The Adventures Of Retrobot which is coming soon to a tablet device near you!

It’s a comic book style game set in the year 2025 which takes you on a journey where Spencer and his pet monkey Toto are on a mission to save their hand-built robot, aka Retrobot. Unfortunately Retrobot has been kidnapped by a group of automated robots who find Retrobot to be a threat to their existence. Spencer, a 32 year old socially awkward genius who lives with his grandmother built Retrobot for a very important purpose. What is that purpose, like you even need to ask, but of course it’s none other than to play online multiplayer video games with his creator. So as you are now aware your mission is very critical.

As you make your way through the game you’ll be treated with plenty of comedy and funny jokes which are in reference to classic style videogames and logic. The development crew is even using the popular KickStarter website to fund even more clever jokes from the community and yes that includes you! Submit your best jokes for a chance to have your name credited in the game itself. How cool is that?

These game is a collaborated effort between multiple designers and developers including Endeavor Bros as mentioned above, Monkube and Ape Entertainment. The Adventures Of Retrobot a comedic and interactive experience full of constant humor as well as great gameplay of course.

Ape Entertainment CEO, David Hedgecock states the following:

The story behind this franchise, including it’s cosplay characters and videogame humor, will once more narrow the gap between both industries.

The game is currently on display at the popular international Comic-Con Convention in San Diego. If you’re one of the lucky ones in attendance you can check it out at booth #1804 right next to 6th Planet and Pocket God.

The Adventures of Retrobot Trailer Video

Watch the video below and enjoy a sneak peak at this comedic and entertaining new comic book style game.

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