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Tesla showcased their all new Model 3 electric car at a special event last week and it just so happens to have a massive tablet PC installed on the dashboard!

There’s a lot of different ‘wow’ factors to the Model 3 and Tesla has always been ahead of the curve when it comes to innovative new technology. Their much anticipated Model 3, the successor to the Model S and Model X, doesn’t disappoint!

The upper quarter portion of the 15-inch horizontal touchscreen tablet displays mileage and has a digital speed readout. The tablet sits in front of a wide and minimalistic wooden dash. Some people have the opinion that the interior is too minimal, while other people such as myself are big fans of minimalistic design and less clutter. But just like in many cases when it comes to new technology, it takes the public a bit of time before it’s widely accepted.

15-inch tablet and head on view of Tesla Model 3 electric car dashboard

But whether people like it or not, gone are the days of clunky instrument panels and vehicle interiors. The Model 3 beautifully showcases a push forward approach by Tesla towards their effort in helping smart vehicles of the future become fully autonomous. People have been talking about self-driving vehicles for decades, but Tesla is one of only a handful of companies that are actually helping move such visions of the future along quicker and more towards the present.

One concern some people have of course is that a large touchscreen device located on the dash can possibly be very distracting for the driver. I mean heck, if looking at or using your smartphone while driving can cause major accidents and in some sad cases even death, what does that say about a 15-inch touchscreen tablet?

A couple of the main differences here however is that 1) the tablet in the Model 3 is not hand held and 2) it’s really just a more modern, compact, and digital way of displaying controls and information that we’re already accustomed to seeing in a vehicle. In my opinion, a tablet on the dash is far less distracting compared to older and less technologically advanced vehicle interiors. I will say however that having an additional touchscreen tablet perhaps built-in the steering wheel itself that displays a digital speedometer would make more sense and enable drivers to better keep their eyes on the road.

Electric powered self-driving vehicles with HUD’s, touchscreens, biometric scanners, and simple yet more technologically advanced interiors are the wave of the present and future. Big and innovative companies like Tesla, Samsung, and now even Apple are at the forefront of helping to bring such vehicles to the mainstream global market.

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