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Get the party started with Numark’s iDJ Live iOS DJ controller for your iPad. Oh yeah, now we’re talking (or should I say jumping to the beat)! Coupled with Algoriddim’s popular djay for iPad app, simply connect your iPad to the dock connector and instantly start mixing your favorite songs!

This is not just some wannabe toy, this is the real deal. Numark has gone to great lengths to provide the ultimate iPad accessory that will give you the best portable DJ experience you could ever want or imagine. Don’t just take my word for it though, see iDJ Live in action and check out the video below to get a peak for yourself just how great this new DJ tool really is.

Numark iDJ Live Demo Video

Numark iDJ Live Key Features

Long gone are the days where hauling heavy instruments and DJ equipment is required to take your performance on the road. As technology advances, gadgets and devices become more compact and iDJ Live is a perfect example of that. Yet another one of many ways that tablet pc’s have changed our lives for the better!

Compared to traditional DJ equipment and software, the iDJ Live accessory and djay for iPad app are highly advanced yet at the same time a far cheaper solution. This makes it easier to get started for people who are new to the DJ scene and also provides all the features required for more experienced and professional DJ’s.

The following is a list of some of the key features you can expect from iDJ Live.

  • Mix multiple songs with crossfader
  • Includes stand for your iPad
  • Natural and realistic scratch feel
  • Includes split cable for headphones and speakers
  • Controls for bass and treble
  • Designed for quick plug-and-play performance
  • Perfect DJ tool for all levels of experience
  • Convenient for parties of all sizes

Visit the official iDJ Live website for more details and information! If you’re convinced this is the right accessory for you (as if there’s a better one available) click the button below to order your very own!

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djay for iPad

One of 2011’s Apple Design Award winners, djay for iPad is easily one of the greatest iOS music apps ever developed. It’s loaded with tons of features which make performing mixes for weddings, parties or any other major event fun and easy.

djay for iPad

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Griffin DJ Cable

To enhance your experience even more, check out the Griffin DJ Cable which is exclusively designed for the pre-cueing feature of Algoriddim’s award winning djay for iPad app.

Listen to what’s currently being played (master output) on the left channel and here what tracks you have in cue on the right channel.

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So there you have it, now you have all the tools you need to keep your neighbors up late at night, whoops, I meant to say to be the best iPad DJ you can possibly be!

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