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Are you a girl? Do you throw funny, wear skirts and giggle in the presence of boys? So do I! That’s why I feel I’m the perfect male candidate to write this article on behalf of the fairer sex. That, and the fact that women generally won’t talk to me. That’s right. For females, tablet computers are the next best thing since lip gloss, pillow fights, and sipping champagne while provocatively stretched out on a bear skin rug… scantily clad, and basking in the warm glow of a fireplace… but, um… I digress.

So, with my qualifications out of the way, I can once again begin to speculate as to what women may want when it comes to tablets computers, accessories, and apps.

Did you know that women aged 35 to 54 are the most active group in mobile socialization? They are! My 35 to 54 year old girlfriend just texted me, and gave me the low down. I checked, and there it was, ON the Internet. Plus, there’s an infographic. An infographic!? Yes, an infographic.

You can’t just make this crap up, well… except for the part about me having a girlfriend.

So, the next time you see women madly tapping away at their tablets, smartphones, and/or tin cans joined by a string, you can be pretty sure they’re socializing with their girlfriends, letting them know I’m out early for good behavior. And because I’m so sweet, I’ve even included a link to a free Facebook app on iTunes to make mobile socialization even easier. This app keeps you connected to Facebook via your tablet or smartphone. Now you can socialize on the go, ‘til your crazy flipper fingers fall off, or you break a nail, whichever comes first. You’re welcome ladies.

Download on the App Store

Uh-hem, I’m reminded that I’m here to help women get more from their tablet computers, so I’ve complied a list. An awesome list, which is sure to score me some points with you fair damsel (Yes, you!). So hang on to your frilly dresses and bonnets, ‘cause here it comes. That’s right ladies, I can relate.

There are oh-so-many days where I wish I could experience the monthly joy of hemorrhaging from my reproductive organs, but alas, such is not my fate. I can only take solace in the knowledge that I can help you girls keep better tabs on Aunt Flo. So whether you’re “ridin’ the cotton pony” or “walking along the beach in soft focus” I’ve got you covered.

Does any of the following apply to you?

Got a bad case of the monthlies?
Experiencing “a dishonorable discharge from the uterine navy?”
Perhaps you’re playing banjo in Sgt. Zygote’s Ragtime Band or,
Rebooting the Ovarian Operating System.

It’s all good, baby, because now you can document it all, thanks to the iPeriod Ultimate (Period / Menstrual Calendar) By Winkpass Creations, Inc. Yes, this marvel of technology allows you to document every aspect of your monthly cycle, from the expected date of you next period, to a count down of days before the next blessed event. As one reviewer describes:

“It allows you to keep track of EVERYTHING from Mood, Appetite, Cramp Severity, even Breast Tenderness, Breast Exams, your Weight….Its a total must have!!”

How did you get by without it? And it’s available to you for the incredibly low price of $1.99. In my opinion, it’s the best bloody period tracker. Period!

Download on the App Store

So, good news. You needn’t worry about keeping track of your period because… well… (I don’t know how these things work) you want to get pregnant. Great! You obviously need an app for that, as well as some kind of sperm–donor. At the moment, I’m busy but I can certainly point you to an app. Enter the Ovulation Calendar app by Joel Rodriguez. The Ovulation Calendar assists you in determining which days of the month you are most fertile. It does so by keeping track of the date of your last period, the average length of a period, and the Luteal Phase which coincidentally was the default setting on a Star Trek phaser. Putting all of this information together the Ovulation Calendar app generates a calendar for each month. Now you’ll know in an instant the date of your next period, which time is best to conceive a boy or a girl, and the date of your ovulation day. If you’re looking to avoid pregnancy you’ll also know when to abstain from sexual intercourse. Finally, we live in a day and age when machinery tells use when we can have sex. Awesome.

So… you’re pregnant. Congrats. Soon you’ll be calving with the best of ‘em. We here at Let’s Talk Tablets always have your best interest at heart, plus we need to cover one more item to wrap up this series. So, if you want to know more about your pregnancy than might otherwise be considered healthy, we have just the app for you. Enter the iPregnancy (Pregnancy App) By Gregory P. Moore, MD.

In May of 2009, iPregnancy was awarded “Best Pregnancy Planner” by Pregnancy Magazine. In that same month, it was also recommended as the best app by Parent’s Magazine. Developed by a practicing Ob/Gyn, it is described as “the premiere application for keeping track of your pregnancy”. And thanks to some recent improvements you can boast about your little one via Facebook and Twitter. Hey, why not email details of your OB visit and/or journal entries to friends or family. The list of features is truly staggering, but here is a list of some of the highlights:

  • Due date calculator
  • The baby’s gestational age in weeks, months, and current trimester
  • A progress bar tracking your journey to the “delivery safety zone”
  • Time remaining until your next major milestone/due date
  • Assorted backgrounds appropriate for the baby’s gender including “unknown”
  • 2-D and 3-D ultrasound pictures of the baby at each week
  • A brief summary of the baby’s development at the current gestational age, including data about the average length and weight of the baby
  • Information for both Mommy and Daddy about what to expect and ideas for how to prepare for the coming baby
  • Baby Name Picker, that lists the prior year’s top 1000 names from the Social Security Administration. You can also keep a list of baby name contenders
  • OB Visit Tracker. Record your weight, blood pressure, and fetal heart rate at each visit and/or take unlimited notes. You can also capture a photo to document each visit.
  • Journal to keep track of notes and photos at any time
  • Weight Gain Analysis, assists you in determining appropriate weight gain for your size and helps you to manage your weight gain by indicating how much you should be gaining each week
  • Questions for the Doctor. This feature allows you to develop, sort and keep track of numerous questions for your Doctor at each OB Visit
  • And finally a mood tracker, including “You did this to me!” and “I hate you!”
Download on the App Store

And gentlemen, just so you don’t feel left out, check out the new iMnotTheFather app. It could save you a bundle.

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