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When it comes to emergency situations and power outages it’s reassuring to know there are solutions available to help keep your iPad 2 and other tablet computers powered at all times. With solar powered accessories such as the LilyPad case for example, which we will discuss today in part 3 of our survival and emergency planning based series, you can be at ease knowing your tablet will always remain charged.

LilyPad™ Solar iPad Case

LilyPad Solar iPad protective case

Finally, we present the LilyPad™ Solar iPad Case

It’s like a Swiss Army knife for your iPad…

The LilyPad™ and LilyPad™ 2 Solar iPad cases are truly innovative. They offer a slew of benefits, all in one convenient, protective package. Taking advantage of available indoor or outdoor light. LilyPad™ cases employ newly developed, solar ink technology to convert otherwise wasted light into usable energy. As long as there’s light, LilyPad™ cases will be charging your iPad.

Listed below are some of the LilyPad’s™ main features:

Solar iPad Charger

When properly seated into a LilyPad™ case, an iPad can provide unprecedented service life from a single battery charge. Thanks to the LilyPad™, an iPad can now go twelve to thirteen days on a single charge.

iPad HDMI Adapter Built In

LilyPad™ cases feature a built in Mini HDMI port. When the iPad is installed, the Mini HDMI port is automatically connected to the iPad’s 30-pin connector. This iPad to HDMI connection eliminates the need for multiple cables and expensive adapters. Now you can use a commonly available Mini-HDMI to HDMI cable to join the LilyPad™ to an enabled TV (or projector). HDMI technology combines (7.1 digital) audio and crystal clear video into one convenient cable.

By simply connecting the LilyPad™ to a TV (or projector), you’ll be able to make compelling PowerPoint presentations. With the KeyNote App, it’s a snap to orchestrate the presentation with a few strokes of a finger. If entertainment is your thing, simply access your iPad’s videos library and watch anything you’d like on your very own big screen TV.

Click here to purchase & download Keynote by Apple from the iTunes App Store.

Extended iPad Battery

According to the official website:

The LilyPad™ is essentially a self-charging battery backup case

The iPad’s ten-hour battery life is impressive. Now imagine getting 24 hours of operation on a single charge. LilyPad™ cases are always storing energy into your iPad’s battery, and it’s all automatic, no switches to hit, no buttons to press.

Movie Stand

You can use the LilyPad™ to prop your iPad into two convenient viewing configurations. Embedded into the back of the LilyPad™, you’ll find three stainless steel pegs. Two of these pegs are for the “keyboard” arrangement. The other peg positions the iPad to the 80-degree “movie stand” configuration. This particular slant makes it easy to watch movies, read recipes while cooking, etc. The “movie stand” configuration works well whether the LilyPad™ is propped on a lap or table.

Keyboard Stand

The keyboard position facilitates typing on the iPad. In this position, the iPad is propped to a comfortable 15-degrees. This enhances typing speed and comfort.

USB Power Out

LilyPad™ cases are versatile, so you can use them to charges more than just your iPad or iPad 2. Built into the back of the LilyPad™ case is a large capacity battery. Measuring 4mm in thickness, this is the iPad’s backup battery. Nevertheless, it can be used to charge other electronic devices. This includes the following:

  • Cell Phones
  • Bluetooth Headsets
  • Digital Cameras
  • Kindles (huh?)
  • Most other portable electronics devices

You can even charge your iPad and cell phone at the same time.

LilyPad™ cases incorporate an iPad USB charging port. This port transfers energy at a staggering 2.1 Amps. This is top of the line when it comes to iPad USB power transfer. As a result, your electronic device will be charged in a jiffy. Sweet.

Whistle Locator

Misplaced your iPad? No problem. Just whistle and the LilyPad™ will beep back. You’ll find it in an instant. Can I marry this thing?

Messenger & Travel Bag

Every LilyPad™ comes with a free neoprene bag. Designed for traveling, the protective bag has a cutout allowing light to reach the solar panel. As a result, your iPad will charge continually, day and night. If you’d like, you can upgrade to a premium bag at a discounted price. They’re really nice.

Protective Case

LilyPad™ cases are designed to protect your iPad investment. For shock absorption, the hard-shelled cases are lined with a jelly-like thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU). They’re finished with a soft rubberized coating and come in a variety of colors.

Thanks from LilyPad™:

You can be proud of your LilyPad™ Solar iPad case. It’s made from 80% recycled materials, and for every LilyPad™ sold a tree will be planted. Essentially, buy one, get one tree. The tree-planting program is designed to offset any potential carbon footprint created by the manufacturing process.

It’s good to know that some products are created in an environmentally responsible manner. LilyPad cases are well designed and tough. One of the best products I’ve come across. Visit the official LilyPad website to learn more about this great product.


That wraps up our series on how you can use your tablet computer as a helpful tool and device during disasters and emergency situations. On the topic of solar powered solutions which was discussed today in part 3, you might also be interested in checking out the JOOS Orange Portable Solar Charger which was mentioned in a previous article that covered a few cool iPad 2 accessories.

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