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We’re on a roll here and we now present you with part 6 of our 2011 Tablet PC Back to School Guide. This time we explore some of the best apps available for your HP TouchPad.

As you all know the TouchPad hasn’t been around for very long, plus HP’s webOS tablet operating system is also quite new so app choices are not exactly abundant as of yet. However, more developers are beginning to realize the potential of this new tablet OS so the number of compatible apps is on the rise.

We hope some of the following app suggestions help you get the most out of your portable TouchPad tablet while using it for school. Enjoy our top 10 TouchPad apps list and also feel free to share any other suggestions in the comment section below.

Top 10 HP TouchPad Apps For Back to School 2011

Cloud based apps nowadays are constantly becoming more popular all the time. is a well known cloud storage service that’s been around for a while now, you’ve probably heard of it before and you’ll be glad to know it’s available for the webOS 3.0 HP TouchPad tablet.

This app enables you to collaborate and share tasks with fellow students on whatever project you’re currently working on for class. It can also be useful and effective for personal use only if you prefer.

Kindle for TouchPad

At the moment the webOS 3.0 version of the Kindle app for TouchPad tablets is a bit limited compared to other operating system versions. On the bright side it is available at least and like any other app surely it will constantly improve, plus the app is free so you can’t argue with that!

You are able to access your existing Kindle library from the TouchPad version of the app, of course what good would it be if you couldn’t, also mark pages, search for notes and access the online Kindle bookstore.

Typewriter BETA

Take advantage of this clever HP TouchPad app and easily create appealing and custom styled documents that you can later email, transfer via USB, sync with your Dropbox account or even save locally on your TouchPad tablet PC.

Just like the name of this app suggests, Typewriter is currently in BETA but it still gets the job done and really works great. Typewriter BETA allows you to create, edit and format text documents for class. To stay on top of all updates of this TouchPad app be sure to follow the developers on Twitter.

WordPress for TouchPad

It seems just about everyone and even their dogs have established blogs these days. Ok, maybe dogs don’t know how to blog yet but at the rate technology is advancing it’s probably just a matter of time. Back to reality here, the truth is a lot of college and university students operate their own blogs these days, it’s very common.

Everyone knows that free WordPress software is one of the best, if not the best, for setting up and maintaining blogs and now you can do this straight from your TouchPad with the webOS app version of WordPress.

Translator HD

Some research projects for college and university students require finding facts and information that might perhaps only be available in other foreign languages. Rather than spend a whole year taking a course on learning another language, why not install the webOS 3.0 Translator HD app from Mojo Jungle on your TouchPad?

This is the perfect solution for your language translation needs and with a simple tap on your TouchPad you can quickly translate words and phrases in over 45 different languages using the Google translation service.

OfficetoPDF HD

OfficetoPDF HD is an essential and must have app for your HP TouchPad. Take any, yes ANY, Microsoft Office document such as PowerPoint, Word or Excel and convert it to a PDF document.

Sure there are other webOS 3.0 apps that are cheaper and can do the same thing, but they are also limited to only a select few Microsoft Office file types which makes them less diverse and not as capable of performing all necessary tasks when you need to complete them most.

TuneIn Radio

Do you enjoy having some background music while working on school related tasks? Perhaps you need to take a break from heavy workloads and heaps of homework? If so, why not relax, take some time out between classes for yourself and enjoy listening to your favorite music with the TuneIn Radio HP TouchPad app?

All you have to do is setup a free account and begin finding your favorite radio stations to listen to. There’s a built in location based service which also makes finding the best local radio stations easy.

Paper Mache

Paper Mache is a nifty little app for TouchPad tablets that enables you to save articles and web pages to view at a later time. Perhaps you stumbled upon the perfect article that will help you with your college course but don’t have time to read it right away, this app is the perfect solution.

With the webOS 3.0 Paper Mache app you can view web pages later on even if you’re offline and don’t have Internet access because it stores websites locally on your tablet, this is especially convenient for those with Wi-Fi only connections.

toodleTasks HD

With toodleTasks HD you can easily sync your Toodledo account directly on your HP TouchPad device. It’s a must have task management app and especially useful for college or university students.

Workloads sure can get a little hectic at times and some classes can be pretty demanding. You don’t always need to feel as though you’re flooded with tasks when attending school though, manage them with ease with toodleTasks HD from the developers at Prodisoft.

SecuStore 2

You can’t put a price on privacy and security, you learn this the hard way if your tablet PC ever gets lost or stolen. That’s why it’s important to have a TouchPad password management app such as SecuStore 2.

Manage all of your important passwords and keep your data safe. This app is especially optimized for webOS 3.0 and has great features including a built-in password generator and it also comes with Advanced Encryption Standard (AES). Just don’t forget your master password


Well that sums up our top 10 apps list. Did you find these suggestions helpful? We hope so! Be sure to stay tuned for our top 10 tablets for back to school list coming soon!

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