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It’s a new day and that means a new addition to our helpful 2011 Tablet PC Back to School Guide. Today we bring you a top 10 list of the best iPad apps to help you stay organized and increase productivity for school. Of course there’s plenty more productivity apps available but we personally selected a few of our favorite apps for the iPad to help you get started.

The iPad and iPad 2 tablets are great electronic devices that are capable of doing many things. The Apple iPad is perfect for playing games and consuming media but it is also a great tool for performing essential tasks to help you along with your education.

While you’re at it you might want to check out this list of free iPad 2 productivity apps which you might also find useful. Hopefully the following list helps you better prepare for your upcoming classes.

Top 10 iPad Apps For Back to School 2011


It’s always important to stay organized and especially critical when you’re taking a college or university course. Bento is a very useful iPad app that helps you keep track of projects, contacts and also helps you stay on top of scheduled events.

You can use this app for a wide variety of things including keeping track of your classes, it’s really quite diverse. It can also be used for taking notes and keeping track of all types of different things you need to have logged.

Download Bento from the iTunes App Store.

Priority Matrix

In college or university there’s never a shortage when it comes to workloads and required tasks. Needless to say it can get a little hectic at times and that’s where Priority Matrix can help.

This interactive app is easy to use and helps you manage and prioritize your agenda. It’s also a cloud based app so you’ll always have access to the information you need. Use it for short or long term planning, creating lists and much more.

Download Priority Matrix from the iTunes App Store.

GoodReader for iPad

Ever since GoodReader was first developed it has received a ton of positive feedback and reviews, even from large and well known companies such as Mashable for example. It’s an app that stands out above the rest because it is capable of reading, well, practically any common file type or document.

You can easily manage, transfer and sync your files all directly from the GoodReader iPad app. Students can use it to sync individual files or entire folders.

Download GoodReader from the iTunes App Store.


Introducing the Notibility app for iPad developed by Ginger Labs. It’s a very flexible and powerful note-taking app which is perfect for all types of students no matter what course you’re enrolled in.

Notes are saved automatically which is quite convenient. This feature also makes taking notes less of a hassle so you can focus primarily on logging important information rather than having to manually save files every 5 or 10 minutes.

Download Notability from the iTunes App Store.


Toodledo is a powerful and affordable app for your iPad. It’s was developed to help increase productivity and functions as both a task manager as well as note-taking app. Another must have iPad app for students.

It’s ranked as one of the top 30 paid iPad apps of all time which is very impressive and says a lot considering how many apps are out there. You can even set alarms as task reminders, very useful feature.

Download Toodledo from the iTunes App Store.

Air Display

Extra space is always a good thing when you’re working on various homework assignments. When working on certain projects it’s common to have more than one program running at any given time and that’s where Air Display comes in handy.

Extend the area of your desktop and easily use your iPad as an additional screen. Best of all, it’s wireless so no wires are required to take advantage of this iPad app. This plenty of useful ways this app can be used to increase productivity.

Download Air Display from the iTunes App Store.

Bing for iPad

Bing for iPad is a very well designed and developed app and on top of that it’s absolutely free. Bing is one of the world’s most popular and commonly used search engines and for good reason.

A big part of getting a higher education requires doing a certain amount of research. With the beautifully designed and user friendly Bing app you have a world of information and resources right at your fingertips.

Download Bing for iPad from the iTunes App Store.

Britannica Concise Encyclopedia

Everyone has heard of the Britannica encyclopedia, it’s been around for centuries even long before the word “computer” originated. The new digitized app version for the iPad is incredibly executed, full of educational resources and is visually appealing.

Access over 25,000 different articles all with a tap (or few taps) on your touch screen. It also includes roughly 2,700 colorful maps and images. It sure beats hauling the Rosetta Stone around in your backpack.

Download Britannica Concise Encyclopedia from the iTunes App Store.

Wikipanion for iPad

Wikipanion is another highly useful app for students, or anyone for that matter. This app was developed with ease of use in mind and it shows. It’s basically Wikipedia simplified but still has all of the juicy facts, details and other important things.

One really convenient feature which makes research easier for students is the fact that you can bookmark desired sections of Wikipedia entries instead of having to bookmark an entire page and dig again later for the section(s) you need.

Download Wikipanion for iPad from the iTunes App Store.

Notes Plus

Notes Plus is like a note-taking app on steroids. You can use this app to take notes, hand writing and also for audio recording if need be. Editing notes is a breeze and there’s also a cool shape detection feature built in.

This is one of those must have apps that you’ll instantly fall in love with and use quite frequently. If you accidentally delete an important note there is a recovery feature for that as well.

Download Notes Plus from the iTunes App Store.


Well that concludes part 4 of our 2011 back to school guide. I hope you found some of the apps mentioned above to be helpful. As I stated earlier there’s just so many incredible apps out there nowadays, over 100,000 dedicated iPad apps to be exact, so unfortunately not all of them could make our list, of course this doesn’t mean they are not worthy of being there. If you have any other app suggestions which would be useful for school please share your suggestions below, we are all here to help one another after all.

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