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Our 2011 Tablet PC Back to School Guide continues with a list of 10 must have apps for your Android tablet. These apps are developed specifically to help you be more efficient and productive. They are perfect for those of you who will soon be attending classes this coming fall semester.

Having a cool new electronic device or Android powered gadget such as the Samsung Galaxy Tab, Acer Iconia Tab A500, HTC Flyer or ASUS Eee Pad Transformer for example is great but of course you cannot enjoy the full experience without the right apps installed. We take the time and do our research rather than mistakenly provide suggestions for apps that are more designed for Android smartphones. Nothing against apps for smartphones, however this is a list of the best apps developed primarily for Android tablets and they will assist you in many ways while attending college or university. So let’s get to the goodies you came here for, check out the list of top Android apps below.

NOTE: All of the following apps require Android 2.0 or higher.

Top 10 Android Tablet Apps For Back to School 2011

OnePunch Notes Pro

Here’s a nifty and powerful Android productivity app which enables you to take important notes, create to do lists, keep track of schedules using the calendar and manage folders among other things.

It has a clean interface and it’s really easy to use. There’s also a built-in feature that gives you the option to password protect your data to keep it safe and secure from unwanted lurkers.

Download OnePunch Notes Pro.

Executive Assistant +

This is a very comprehensive all in one style app for your Android tablet device. You’ll be amazed at how many tasks this app is capable of doing. Use it in any of the 3 different modes including lock screen, home screen or home screen widget mode.

You can use this app to stay on top of multiple email accounts including Gmail, Exchange and other POP/IMAP email accounts. Keep track of your to do list, scheduled calendar events and much more!

Download Executive Assistant +.

Kindle for Android

Your tablet PC experience wouldn’t be complete without the Android Kindle app from Amazon. Instantly gain access to nearly 1 million different books from this app. It’s optimized for Honeycomb tablets as well.

Not sure what a particular word means while reading a newly purchased book? No problem, the Kindle app has you covered and has a built-in dictionary which can really be quite useful.

Download Kindle for Android.

Ultimate ToDo List Tab License

They don’t call this app “Ultimate” for nothing. When it comes to attending college there’s no shortage of required to do lists, and this app helps simplify these important lists.

This version of Ultimate ToDo List is developed specifically for Android tablets and you can use it to organize, synchronize, prioritize and customize to help you tackle your to do list with ease.

Download Ultimate ToDo List Tab License.


This task management app is both highly useful and visually appealing. Conqu functions well during both online and offline viewing and makes managing tasks a real breeze.

Some university courses require group tasks and this is the perfect app for such situations. Easily see what tasks have been assigned to what person. Of course you can also use it to keep track of your own personal tasks.

Download Conqu.

Enhanced Email

Stay on top of all important emails from professors, fellow classmates, friends and family while attending class. Enhanced Email lets you access multiple email accounts from several different types of email services all from one central location.

It’s a powerful app but also very easy to manage and customize. Easily increase/decrease font size, save attachments (even to SD cards), customize different accounts by color and much more!

Download Enhanced Email.

Contact Editor++

Part of attending post-secondary school involves meeting several new people including teachers, like minded students, and even students taking courses that aren’t necessarily related to yours. Contact Editor++ is a wonderful app to help you store and manage all of your important contacts and it’s loaded with tons of features.

Each individual contact can include a custom photo, this way if you forget Amanda’s name from last night you should at least be able to recognize her photo.

Download Contact Editor++.

beOrganized Calendar and Tasks

Keeping organized and properly managing your agenda is critical for any student taking practically any type of class. The beOrganized Calendar and Tasks app for Android tablets helps you do just that.

Sync your Google calendar and tasks together and access important schedules and lists all from one place. If you don’t feel like typing you can also use the built in speech recognition feature.

Download beOrganized Calendar and Tasks.

Pageonce Money & Bills Pro

Nobody really likes having to pay bills, it’s not exactly the world’s most enjoyable task, but hey we all have to do it and that includes university and college students. Yes this does include you!

Keep track of your finances and day to day or long term post-secondary school expenses. Monitor bank transactions, credit cards, future payments and also set real-time alerts if you so desire.

Download Pageonce Money & Bills Pro.

GetUp! Alarm Clock

Never worry about being late for class again with the GetUp! Alarm clock app for Android tablets. This app is very customizable and will wake you up in a gentle fashion, because after all there’s nothing worse than a rude awakening.

You can customize the settings so the alarm won’t go off during phone calls for added convenience. Choose your own melody and also set max snoozes to ensure you get up out of bed!

Download GetUp! Alarm Clock.


That concludes part 5 of our back to school guide but stay tuned for more to come because we’re just getting started! Our goal is to assist you as much as we possibly can to help you prepare for those upcoming fall classes that are just around the corner!

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