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A few days ago, I was speaking to a friend who just recently finished her schooling and is now officially a registered Real Estate Sales Representative. In the short time she’s been at it, she’s racked up numerous sales, and shows no sign of letting up. There’s no doubt about it; she’s a go-getter. In speaking to her about Let’s Talk Tablets, she mentioned that she owns an iPad 2 and that she uses it often, to both drum up sales, and close them. I was naturally interested, so I questioned her further. In the end, her answers, led to this article. So if you’re a Real Estate Sales Representative, or know someone who is, Let’s Talk Tablets is here to spill the beans on a few tablet related tricks of the trade.


For those who have not purchased a tablet PC, it’s important to realize both their benefits and limitations. In this day and age, most people own a cell phone. If you’re in real estate, owning a smart phone is still very much advisable. It’s size and design optimizes its use as a phone and text-messaging device. Remember, a tablet isn’t really a phone, although it can be used as one in a round about manner. Skype, FaceTime and/or another voice over IP applications enable video calling over a slew of devices including slate computers

Research & Presentation

Tablet PCs really come into their own when it comes to Internet access. As a Real Estate Sales Representative, you can present listings to potential clients from just about anywhere. Upload the listings to your tablet or access them via the net, so long as your tablet is either 3G or 4G enabled. As new real estate options come in, you can tout the features of the latest listings and show them off on the viewer friendly screen.

The larger screens produce accurate colors and reveal more detail. Look up listing which fit your client’s desires and present them instantly, saving you time, money and hours of unnecessary driving. As you drive from location to location, your client can peruse real estate options on your tablet. Once more, if you get lost, you can always access Google maps, or use the built in GPS. If your customer is not present, simply email the listing via your tablet.


Another clear advantage to a tablet is its ability to record video and/or take photographs. With written permission from the homeowner, you can record a walk through of the house, all the while commenting on selling points and desirable features. Again, with written permission, you can then upload the photos and video to your website. Now potential clients can access the information anytime without leaving the comfort of their own home. For the record, Canadian Privacy legislation prevents recording/posting videos to the Internet without written permission from the homeowners.


Have a few moments? Take notes regarding your client’s desires or requirements, or catch up on office work using some of the following software.

Android Tablets

iPad Apps


If it becomes necessary, you can talk virtually face to face thanks to Skype and its corresponding apps. Mind you, both parties must have the necessary equipment and applications to do so. So, for example, if your client is overseas, you can lead them on a guided tour throughout the real estate property and answer their questions as you go. Pretty sweet. Again for the record, Canadian Privacy legislation prevents such transmissions without written permission from the homeowners.

For convenience, we’ve listed Skype apps for both the iPad and Android tablets below:

Skype for iPad by Skype Software S.a.r.l. Click here to download.

Skype for Android – now with video. Click here to download.

Please note: There are currently no Skype apps designed specifically for Android Honeycomb. From what we’ve gathered, the above app DOES work with Android Honeycomb tablets, but it is not optimized for the larger screens. Remember, it’s important to keep track of your Internet use so that you do not exceed your 3G/4G allowance. As you know, going over your limit can cost plenty.


If you’ve even been over to someone’s house and tried to operate their entertainment center, you know how much of a nightmare that can be. I’ve been to houses with four to five remote controls sitting on the coffee table. In most cases I can’t even so much as turn on the TV, never mind the incorporated surround sound, cable box, CD, DVD, DVR, equalizer, stereo system etc.

Real Estate Sales Representatives face this kind of trouble all the time. Also, some people’s choice in music may not be the most inviting or sedating. No problem. Load up your tablet with music of your choice, set it on a stand, and viola; a warm, welcoming environment.

Stay tuned for Part 2 of “Tablet Computers Close the Deal in Real Estate”, where we’ll cover apps, which can assist you to close the deal in real estate.

UPDATE: Tablet Computers Close the Deal in Real Estate Part 2

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