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This week we have a brand new 3D MMORPG martial arts themed game called Sword of Immortals to feature as our latest iOS App of the Week.

The game has a rich story environment, various dungeons and cross-over battles with thrilling 1V1 combat. Don’t want to play alone? Then you can take advantage of their couples dungeons and quests with their marriage system.

Need to get around the the vivid landscapes freely? Why not take a ride on your sword? That’s right you can use your sword for transportation across the land. Don’t forget to stop into the dungeons to get some loot and ultimate equipment while on your flight. You can also find clothing that not only ups your style points but also helps improve your power boost.

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With the variety of the dungeons you have a chance at finding some epic loot for your character. You can be in either a dungeon or in the wild maps and still have a chance at getting rare items and equipment. With multiple combat modes you can conquer the immortal world. Demonstrate your power in multiple ways whether your Huashan dueling or in a team dungeon. With guild war, faction battle or 1V1 you can prove who the better hero is.

Upgrading your character is pretty easy as long as you don’t mind working for it. There are plenty of materials for you to use to boost your power. as mentioned earlier you can use combats and dungeons to get some cool materials to boost your character. Make sure you are prepared enough so that you can upgrade your equipment when the time comes. Powering up your character and equipment will help you reach immortal status. On your journey be sure to keep your eyes open for the 8 heirlooms just waiting for you to discover.

When you meet the requirements to obtain the heirlooms it brings you more power and unlocks mighty skills. your equipment can also be socketed with the heirlooms to boost their power. Power is the most valuable currency in the world of immortality. With adorable aides and impressive mounts you’re sure to have loyal allies on your side. Your loyal companions stick by your side no matter what happens on your adventure. As you reach higher levels your companion reaches higher power levels as well where they can get their own rides, gear and plumes so don’t forget to enlist your favorite aide in following your destiny.

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