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Introducing SwiftKey Tablet X, the world’s first AI social keyboard for Android tablets. This intelligent app helps boost your productivity and makes typing on your tablet easier than ever! Two reasons why this keyboard app is so intuitive are, well first, it was developed by SwiftKey and secondly it uses advanced Fluency prediction technology.

This Android tablet keyboard app is loaded with numerous great features. A big part of what makes it so great is that it uses the latest version of SwiftKey’s advanced Fluency language inference engine. No other software on the planet (true fact) is more accurate when it comes to correction and prediction technology. So for example if you’re about to do a Google search for “fuchsia and chartreuse leather polka dot pants” (don’t even ask) you can probably get results twice as fast with this app!

Still not impressed? Perhaps you’ll enjoy using it’s award-winning split key layout which enables you to type at the speed of light, ok maybe that was a bit of an exaggeration, sometimes I get carried away, but the point is you can type much quicker with SwiftKey Tablet X than with any other app out there. For the record, that last point was no overstatement.

Swiftkey Tablet X AI Keyboard for Android tablets

More SwiftKey Tablet X Key Features

Additional key features of this app which haven’t been mentioned yet include:

  • Cloud-based personalization
  • Quickly adapts to the way you type
  • Personal input modeling
  • 3 HD themes to choose from including dark, light & neon
  • Well designed user interface
  • Maximizes typing efficiency

Swiftkey Tablet X Top Features Demo Video

Watch the video below to learn more about SwiftKey Tablet X and to see it in action!

Download Swiftkey Tablet X from the Android Market.

Don’t yet own an Android tablet? Would you like to use this app on your mobile phone instead? No problem, TouchType has you covered! There is also an Android smartphone version available. Click here to purchase and download SwiftKey X (Phone) today!

Hope you enjoy this great new Android app and happy typing!

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