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It’s time for yet another Android tablet app review and today I have selected Super Stickman Golf from Noodlecake Studios Inc. Now here’s a perfect example of an Android tablet game done right, and best of all it’s absolutely free to download and install!

This app was reviewed and tested on the ASUS Eee Pad Transformer Honeycomb tablet.

Let’s Talk Tablets Android App Review

I can remember almost a year and a half ago when I purchased the original iPad, Stickman Golf was one of the first iOS games I downloaded and got hooked on. It’s great to see the legacy continue on the Android platform and the game really has come a long way since I last played it.

First Impressions

Immediately after launching this free game for the first time on my Android tablet I was impressed at all the new levels and how much the graphics have improved. It’s amazing how simple this game is to grasp and play yet at the same time it’s fun and challenging. Even if you’re not a golfer, such as myself, this game is very appealing and provides countless hours of addictive game play.

Transitions between screens and levels are very smooth and seamless, I’m sure having a NVIDIA Tegra 2 processor helps but despite that there’s no doubt in my mind this game would perform just as well even on slower machines. The HD graphics are fantastic and very well done.

As I continued to fiddle around and play the game more I couldn’t help but appreciate how well it was developed. It’s one of those games that are so easy to get immersed in and it’s fun for players all different age groups and skill levels.

When I mentioned in the opening paragraph that this is one of those games that are simply done right I meant that for many reasons. One of those reasons being there are paid upgrades available but unlike some in-app purchases it’s done in such a subtle way rather than flashing ads and in your face pop-ups. On top of that, even without paying for upgrades, unlike so many other free Android tablet games, you can still enjoy every single feature this game has to offer.

Super Stickman Golf Key Features

There’s quite a few great features in this Android game. A few of the several key features include tons of courses and holes, fun and useful power-ups and 3 different course levels to choose from.

Course Levels

There are 3 different course levels to choose from including beginner courses, intermediate courses and advanced courses. Each of them have their own unique challenges and levels. Combined there are 33 different courses and 290 holes to play!

Super Stickman Golf course level selection

Beginner Levels

In total the beginner course level has 16 different courses which are as follows:

Parkland, Dapper Dunes, Ice Flows, Moon Base, The Slew, Funky Town, The Cliffs, Crazy Cactus, Handicap Forest, Purple Haze, The Inferno, Serif Meadows, Tar Sands, Gold Mine, Rooftops and The Dungeon.

Intermediate Levels

There are 9 intermediate level courses which include:

New Loftstrom, Everest, Funkier Town, The Woods, Moon Base 2, Mars, Double Rainbow, The Factory and Cloud City.

Advanced Levels

Last but not least there are 7 advanced level courses which are:

Haunted Hills, Mustard Grove, Key Lime Links, Parkland 2, Tropics, The Temple and the Graveyard.


There’s 7 different power-ups you can either purchase or unlock in this game. They certainly make the game more entertaining and put a whole new spin on mobile golf games. You can use things like nitro balls, ice balls, air brakes, hazard swamp, super ball, mulligan and sticky balls. There are many challenging obstacles and if you use your power-ups at just the right time & place they can prove to be quite handy!

You can unlock powers-ups 1 of 3 different ways. The first way is to meet certain requirements such as receiving a gold star on a particular level or perhaps make par for example. You can also purchase them with “Golf Bux” which you can earn as you earn certain achievements. The third way is to purchase “Golf Bux” with real cash which of course is a much quicker method.

These power-ups are well executed, useful throughout the game and easy to use but the only gripe I have is that it does cost you one ball (relatively speaking) per power-up. This is nothing critical but it would be nice if power-ups could be used without losing a swing.

Super Stickman Golf Power-Up screen

Super Stickman Golf Sticky Ball Power-Up

Some levels even include floating (in the air) targets you can hit that will reduce your strokes which can help improve your score. This is very cool but one thing I’d like to see changed in future updates is the ability to swing up when you are on the green right beside the hole rather than just left or right. See the screenshot below for example, in this situation I was unable to swing up to get the “-3” reward.

Super Stickman Golf in game screenshot

OpenFeint Integration

This Android game connects to the global OpenFeint database so you can have your high scores and game achievements automatically submitted to leaderboards from all around the globe.

Other Game Features

There are 7 “super clubs” you can unlock as you master the game. These will greatly improve your golf swing accuracy and overall scores. You’ll definitely love the HD graphics, they are certainly very well done. The 8-bit game soundtrack is sort of catchy too.

Super Stickman Golf Android App Demo Video


  • Great HD graphics
  • Easy controls
  • Plenty of levels and unlockable features
  • Simple to grasp and play
  • Tutorials included


  • Using power-ups cost you a swing
  • The “Go” button is located very close to the system tray which can sometimes interfere.
  • Cannot aim upwards for floating bonuses when on the green near the flag
  • No multi-player option

Click here to download and install Super Stickman Golf on your Android tablet.


Even after playing this game for only a few short minutes you can see why it is such a fan favorite and extremely popular. Overall I personally would highly recommend this game and it’s by far one of the better games I’ve played as of late. Of course like any app or game there is always room for improvement. This game is so well done that it wasn’t easy pointing our “cons” of this app, and the ones I mentioned aren’t necessarily even glitches or faults, just changes I personally would like to see.

Hopefully one of the future updates will include the option to go multi-player against 2 to 4 different players via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, similar to the iPad version. Of course the iPad version of this game has been out for a lot longer so it’s had more time to evolve. It wouldn’t surprise me though if going head to head against your friends wirelessly on Android tablets and smartphones is in the works and will be available sooner than later!

Kudos goes out to the developers and staff over at Noodlecake Studios Inc.

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