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Strategically released before the popular Netflix TV show’s 2nd season air date our featured iOS app of the week is Stranger Things: The Game by BonusXP.

The Stranger Things iOS game gives you an old retro Nintendo style feel. It’s as if you are on a Pokemon journey or playing the old school Zelda. The game’s creators wanted to make it feel as if it was a game the main characters would have played back in the day. So get ready to feel as if you are in 1984 yourself as you play this game.

Stranger Things iOS game screenshot

Explore Hawkins and see some of your favorite sights from the town. See locations such as Mirkwood forest, the Hawkins Lab and uncover exciting new places you’ve never seen. Make sure you look at all your surroundings to get a feel for your environment. Solve puzzles as characters from the show and use their special abilities to help you along your way. Nancy has a lot of bats to swing and Lucas can hit any target with his wrist rockets. Don’t forget to collect all the eggos and Gnomes as you never know when they will come in handy.

The show’s season two air date is October 27th 2017. This game is the perfect way for you to kill time before the season premier. Play the game between episodes or when you’re forced to stop your binge watching. Watch the season and see if you have explored the new areas they may reveal in the show in your mobile version of the game. Don’t forget that you can compete with your friends on the speed run times, leader boards and on social media. Make sure if your friends are fans of the show that you suggest they download this app as well.

No worries on the money front either because this awesome new iOS game is free in the App Store. There are no in-app purchases in the game at this time either. The creators want you and all other Stranger Things fans to just have fun and enjoy the game play. With the popularity of the show I know this game is going to be a popular hit for everyone.

Stranger Things the Game on the App Store

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