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The demise of the HP® TouchPad certainly came as a shock to most folks, but even more so to people in the tablet industry. Nevertheless, it’s interesting to see how the whole thing is playing out. There have been firesales by names like Staples, Wal-Mart, and Best Buy. In fact, a search of the Best Buy website reveals that both the 16GB and 32GB TouchPads are completely sold out online. It’s also doubtful whether anyone will find one in-store. Seems Amazon has also jumped into the fray by selling the 16GB TouchPad for $280.00 US dollars. While it’s not the $99.99 price that others have offered, it’s still a substantial price drop.

One might wonder why anyone would buy a product knowing full well it’s been discontinued. Well, that’s easy enough to answer. The HP® TouchPad is/was a good product. I’m certain that a substantial amount of people have been eying up the TouchPad for some time. Suddenly the news breaks and the firesales kick in. That’s opportunity. At $99.99, even if the unit lasts only a couple of years, it’s still a good buy. Combine the sale prices with a renewed effort to get Android to run on the TouchPad, and the deal becomes sweeter. If it proves feasible to run Android OS on the TouchPad, owners needn’t concern themselves with the availability of software in the future.

People that have previously purchased a TouchPad now have concerns regarding the availability of accessories. TouchPad accessories are also selling like hot cakes, and it’s unlikely that anyone will be making more. Clearly the opportunity is now, which brings me to the point of this article. In a recent back-to-school piece, one item we covered was StealthArmor for the HP® TouchPad. You can see the article here.

Fusion of Ideas, the parent company behind StealthArmor is offering deep discounts on their TouchPad related products. They gave us a heads up, so we’re letting our readers know about this great deal.

StealthArmor uses heat-bonding technology to enclose gadgets with a series of protective layers. The front protective screen preserves the face of the device with a thin layer of damage-resistant polymer film. This protective film guards the screen from unsightly fingerprints and scratches.

The custom back film combines protection with unique customization. Available in over a dozen unique finishes, the back layer protects the original sleek appearance of your device. Now you can guard from dings and scratches with style. StealthArmor’s finishes range from black carbon fiber to brushed aluminum. If metal finishes aren’t your thing, finishes also range from boardroom leather to polished wood grain.

Originally intended for automotive racing, the protective film was developed to keep car exteriors safe from flying debris. Russ Taylor, founder and president of Fusion of Ideas, applied the technology to the field of electronics. The result was StealthArmor, a protective accessory that offers both style and quality for today’s most popular electronic devices.

Each Fusion of Ideas product combines years of installation experience with precise cutting and fitting know how. This latest installment of StealthArmor was designed exclusively to protect the HP TouchPad and comes custom-cut to stylishly reveal the HP logo. StealthArmor for the HP TouchPad made its debut the same time as the tablet with praise from HP itself:

We were blown away by the luxurious look and feel of StealthArmor on the TouchPad, I’m personally using the StealthArmor, and it’s held up perfectly.

says Manvir Sandhu, Marketing Director, Hewlett-Packard Co.

Now you can get your own StealthArmor full-body kit for the HP TouchPad at significant savings. Once more, you can get it with the finish of your own choice. Customers can visit the new Fusion of Ideas StealthArmor website and use the coupon code HPFIRESALE which will remove $15.00 off their purchase of any StealthArmor full-body kit for their HP TouchPad (regularly priced at $35.00). Flat rate shipping is $6.00 to anywhere in the U.S. There are no limits on how many HP TouchPad products customers purchase and there is no expiration date. Get yours today.

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